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You Don't Know Who I Am...Yet.

Danny Watts

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The camera fades in with a very close shot of Danny Watts trying to set up a camera on a tri-pod.


Danny Watts: Is this thing on? Damnit, I hate technology.


Finally seeing that it's recording, Watts steps back and sits down into frame.


Danny Watts: So, you're wondering you who I am? Wondering what my "gimmick" is? I've been hearing that a lot as of late.


Watts pulls up his sleeve to show his metallic elbow pad glistening.


Danny Watts: This...This is my gimmick. This elbow pad was my fathers, he used it because his elbow was completely F'd up. I use it to hurt my opponents.


He starts rubbing his elbow lightly and puts his sleeve back down.


Danny Watts: When I hit people with this, it will be lights out. The ref will count 1, 2, 3. This isn't me being cocky, this is all confidence. And I mean no disrespect to my opponents, It's just business.


Watts looks up and points to the sky and looks back down.


Danny Watts: I'm doing this for my father, the man who got me into wrestling, and the man who will help me get through. I can tell that titles are long gone as of now. But as of now, everyone is put on notice.


Watts hesitates and rolls his shoulders.


Danny Watts: Again, no disrespect, just business.

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