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The Less Serious Side of Me

Danny Watts

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Danny Watts turns on his camera on his phone and starts walking on a path in what looks like college campus.


Danny Watts: So, you've seen the more serious side of me. Now, you can see the less serious side of me. When I'm in the arena, whether it be an interview or a match, you see the me that is focused on whatever I'm doing.


A student walks up to Danny


Student: Hey man, are you going to be at the party later tonight?


Danny fist bumps the student


Danny Watts: Yeah, I'll definitely be there see you there.


The student walks off and Danny turns back toward his camera.


Danny Watts: See, this is the normal, friendly side of me, but if you cross me...there will always be consequences.


The camera fades out with Danny putting his phone away.

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I see what you are trying to do but, I don't see how being on a College campus and saying you are going to a party is being less serious. In my opinion, being at the party already or something along those lines would have given a better example. But, it doesn't really work when you say you're being less serious but still make a threat in the process. But, this is just one person's opinion.


But keep it up. Looking forward to more.

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