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Moore Money!

Ashley Moore

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While Valkyrie is away cheering kids up in an orphanage, someone is knocking on the door of the apartment. Ashley Moore looks through the peephole and recognizes the lawyer who visited them some time ago and lets of a shout of joy before opening the door.


Emily Kaur: Is everything alright? I heard a scream.


Ashley just looks at her, in hope she will hear the right words.


Emily Kaur: Yes, I have good news for you.


Ashley hugs her warmly and then asks her to come in.


Ashley Moore: The money?


Emily Kaur: I have the documents here, you just have to sign them. Then ...


Ashley Moore: Bring it on.


Emily Kaur: Don’t you want to know what you sign, before you do it.


Ashley Moore: What should be? I write my name and then I can get rid of the little devil.


Emily Kaur: There are conditions.


Ashley Moore: Which conditions? Do you want me to sail once around the world before I can get the money?


Emily Kaur: You will have to use half of it for charity purposes. You will have to set up a foundation for it in the course of the next year.


Ashley Moore starts to laugh loudly.


Ashley Moore: First they sell weapons to despots and now they want to whitewash with the money. My parents are a bloody joke.


Ashley Moore: Whatever, there is still enough for me.


After the paperwork is done the lawyer wants to leave the apartment, but Ashley Moore has another matter.


Ashley Moore: Something else with which you can help me just came to my mind. You are familiar with contracts, aren’t you?


Emily Kaur: That’s my job.


Ashley Moore: There are sometimes contracts signed before wrestling matches when it comes to something.


Emily Kaur: I have no idea about wrestling.


Ashley Moore: That doesn’t matter. Can you help me setting up a contract?


Emily Kaur: What is it about?


Ashley Moore: This apartment. If I win, I will buy it and she flies out and if she wins I will go. I would need your help to formulate it.


After they set up the contract Ashley has a last request.


Ashley Moore: Furthermore I would ask you to tell nobody of our meeting before the next Turmoil episode, especially not my soon to be former roommate. I want to make it a surprise.


The scene fades to black.

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