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The Radical Man Has Landed

Zack Xero

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The scene is set inside of the OCW performance, a few clips of a prospect chain wrestling play on a television that is set up in front the camera. After these clips finish playing we cut to the same prospect sitting on an apron of one of the rings, he adjusts the microphone clipped onto his shirt, and looks up at the camera.


Camera Man: What’s your name?


Prospect: My name’s Zack Xero.


Camera Man: So if you don’t mind me asking, what brings you to OCW?


Zack Xero: The most honest way of putting it without over exaggerating is that I just have a passion for wrestling. You know, ever since I was younger all I would do is watch wrestling and sometimes even practice moves on the few friends I had at school. I’ve been wrestling on the independent scene for about four years now, and figured it was time to tryout for the big leagues.


For a moment, Zack looks away from the camera and at something offscreen that the viewers can’t see. He makes kissing noises as if he’s trying to attract someone or something. Seconds pass, and then a Capuchin Monkey jumps up on the apron. Zack reaches into his gym bag sitting next to him and pulls out a banana, he peels it and puts a piece on his shoulder. The monkey then hops on his shoulder and eats the banana.


Camera Man: I don’t know if pets are allowed in here, but since we’re already here. What’s the story with monkey?


Zack: Sometime back in my hometown, Detroit, I was out going to grab some milk for my mom and I came across “Kiki” here digging for scraps in an alleyway. I went inside and bought the milk, also stole a banana to go feed him. We’ve sort of just been together since then.


Kiki licks the cheek of Zack’s face, and Zack just begins to laugh a little bit. The cameraman chuckles as well.


Camera Man: Well, is there anything else you’d like to say to the OCW universe?


Zack: I’m hoping to get in the ring soon and knock some heads. This journey for me hasn’t been about any gold, it’s been about my love for professional wrestling and pushing myself to be better than I already am.


Zack takes Kiki’s paw and waves at the camera as the scene fades to a black screen with the OCW logo.

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