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MAXWALE Goes Back to His Roots


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We’re here at The Grappler’s Wrestling Academy in Salem, OR. The official academy for the WCWC, or West Coast Wrestling Connection. Many of the trainees are going thru last minute stretches and warm ups before class begins. A few are getting extra reps in the ring as well. The three head trainers, Dave Turner, Ricky Gibson and “The Grappler” Eric Right, are doing the rounds throughout the facility. Once the clock hits 7pm, Eric Right sounds his mini air horn and all 15 or so trainees gather around the ring from the floor as the trainers are in the ring.


Dave T: Alright gents. We have a special guest joining us this week. He is an alumist of the academy. He is a 2-time WCWC Legacy Champion. He is the youngest and longest reigning WCWC North American Champion. And he’s here to talk to you guys for a bit and work on some holds and submissions. Give it up for MAXWALE.


The trainees give Maxwale a round of applause as he climbs into the ring. MAXWALE exchanges handshakes with all three trainers. The trainers step back towards the ropes as MAXWALE stands front and center.


MAXWALE: Thank you. It's always great to be back in the pacific northwest. From day one of me setting foot in this academy, I’ve made it a point to become the best technical wrestler I could be. I knew I wasn’t the biggest or strongest. But if i truly mastered my craft, I could be one of the best ever.


MAXWALE: As Davey Turner mentioned, I was a multi time WCWC champion. I had a very long series with that guy right there. (Pointing at Ricky Gibson) I mean we had some legendary battles. And we don’t have to bring up the fact that I’m the one that ended your career.


Ricky G: Yea, real funny there ass clown.


MAXWALE: And Grappler Right. Do you remember the ladder match we had for the North American title at the 10 Year Anniversary show? Oh and forgive me for not calling or visiting you with your knee replacement surgery that you had due to the beating that you took at the hands of MAXWALE.


The Grappler: You son of a B****.


Both Ricky and Eric try to approach MAXWALE but Dave T. stands in between them and keeps them back. Once Dave gets them settled, he slightly turns his head towards MAXWALE without taking his hands off of Ricky and Eric.

Dave T: Look, rehashing old rivalries is not why I invited you here. Please do make me regret my decision to bring you here in the first place. Address the youngsters and drop the nonsense.


MAXWALE: You’re telling me to drop the nonsense? Absolutely nothing about what I said was nonsense. It was 100% facts.


Dave T: Well speak that 100% to them.


MAXWALE: Oh ok. Say less. Listen, out of the 15 of you wannabe’s that are surrounding this ring, about 5 of you are not going to end up in the bagging groceries at Whole Foods. 3 of you are going to barely going to make a dent in the pacific northwest let alone across the national indy scene. And the last 2 of you may…. MAY make it to a level that they would consider successful.


MAXWALE: And none of that is going to matter because not a single person in this room can ever or will ever reach the level that MAXWALE is at.


The Grappler: I’ve heard enough of this.


Eric Right pushes past Dave and takes a swing at MAXWALE. MAXWALE ducks under and hits a basement dropkick to the aforementioned replaced knee. Eric is writhing in pain and rolls towards the ring apron where a few trainee’s tend to him. Ricky G. tries to kick MAXWALE, but he catches it, spins Ricky around and hits him with a Eulogy in Eugene. Ricky is out cold.

MAXWALE rolls to his back and kips up. He’s staring a hole into Dave T. Dave moves to the center of the ring and begins egging on MAXWALE. But before they are face to face, 5 or 6 trainee’s slid in the ring and keep them separated. Dave is isn’t trying to push past any of them, but his mood and temperament is written all over his face. MAXWALE shouting “Keep your hands off of me” to the trainee’s as they try to keep him back.


MAXWALE flips Dave T. the bird before exiting the ring. MAXWALE heads towards the door and goes right out the building. Meanwhile the trainees and Dave T. continue to tend to The Grappler and Ricky G as the scene fades.

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