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Wrestler name: Joshua Tucker

Hometown: Cincinnati Ohio

Height: 6'0"


theme-devil by late night savior(not used currently)

toto-Africa instrumental variation(current theme)



SIG 1- TSF (Tucky special flatliner) (gory special flatliner)

SIG 2- Tucker Rocker (backpack facebuster)

FIN- Groundbreaker (Osaka street cutter)

FIN #2- Free Your Mind (drift away)



Joshua "JT" Tucker was a troublemaking youth from a broken home. He was always in some kind of trouble, or well on his way. As time passed his antics got worse and so did his punishments. After his second stay in a juvenile detention center he discovered wrestling. He would watch and study for hours per day until he eventually started training, to himself become a wrestler one day. All the time previously dedicated to getting in trouble was now directed towards wrestling. He has since gained a positive energetic outlook, which helps him stay focused. He looks to make this chapter in his life one of the best ones yet, and hopes to never revert back to his troublesome ways.


He joined OCW, a very highly regarded wrestling company that has been around for fifteen years as of 2019. In February 2019 he signed a contract and officially became a rookie he was so ecstatic he shouted “LET’S GO”, which became his catchphrase, as he signed. If excitement and hype translated to skill, then Tucker would be unstoppable, unfortunately that isn’t the case because he was not very good at all starting out. He was even named as the second worst person in the ring at one point, but he didn't let that bother him. He still went out shouted “LET’S GO” and worked harder to become better each time he stepped into the squared circle. Where he had his first match against Mark Reese.



His first PPV appearance, and third match ever, was at ROAD 2 GLORY 2019. Where he competed in a “Rookie Relevancy Eliminator” as the commentary team called it. He didn’t win, he was actually eliminated first of the six by T.Y. Sparks. After R2G he went on to have several matches where he came up short, and a couple that he had no chance in hell of winning but gave his all anyway. He then enrolled into the Archer Academy, which put him and three other competitors against one another. They competed in several challenges trying to avoid elimination and become the number one contender for the International Championship held by none other than Thomas Archer. He was the third person eliminated.



After the Academy was over Tucker wasn’t sure in what direction to take so at the first CONSEQUENCE in over ten years he issued a challenge to any and everyone in the back, the challenge went unanswered. So he went back to the drawing board trying to figure out his next move. He had an upcoming match on Turmoil 237 against Maxx Edwards, and before the match Tucker went to introduce himself and wish his opponent luck but was blatantly disrespected. The two had the match and Tucker lost as usual, but revealed the following week that he was jumped from behind before the match by none other than Maxx Edwards. This Was the start of his first real singles feud.



Over the next few weeks Tucker tried getting his hands on Edwards but to no avail. At SEPTEMBER 2 REMEMBER Maxx approached Tucker trying to settle things but Tucker didn't trust or believe Maxx and turned down the peace offering. When Tucker turned around Maxx attacked him yet again. It was at this point that Tucker was furious, he began showing changes in his behavior. He was now more edgy and angry. Backstage at DEVIL’S NIGHT he looked everywhere for Maxx and yet again he was nowhere to be found. A grudge match between the two was finally set for Turmoil 239.



Tucker lost the match, but this time was jumped afterwards by Maxx Edwards and Benjamin Moore.Tucker, now more irate than ever, couldn't figure out why either one of them would attack him. One good thing of all this is that Tucker had his first singles PPV match at DECEMBER 2 REMEMBER versus Alex Asher. He lost the match and while sitting in the locker room afterwards he thought about past run ins with Mark Reese and The Mantis,in which he recalled comments made by Reese. Tucker thought for sure he knew it was Reese that orchestrated the attack. Unfortunately The Mantis didn’t believe him when Tucker explained it to him, and instead defended Reese. Tucker was bound and determined to get Mantis to believe him, but first the two were set for a match at RIOT 546.


For the first time Tucker had won a match after beating Mantis. He broke the rules behind the referee back at the end of the match to do so, and was upset at this fact. He wasn't heard from until Turmoil 243 when he was set to face off against Alex Asher once again. This time he won, and the two spoke backstage at Riot 550 about forming a tag team. One week after Tucker said at Turmoil 244 that he was going to make his second year a better year. On Super Turmoil 245 Tucker was set to face off against Asher, and Mantis in a triple threat match.


Tucker and Asher talked lightly about working together and did to an extent during the triple threat. Alex Asher ended up pinning none other than Tucker to win the match. Tucker was seemingly unphased at this fact. With ROAD 2 GLORY quickly approaching Tucker was wondering if he was going to compete at the ppv. He ended up not on the stacked card but with spirits still high he went to the ring with an announcement. He announced that the following week on Riot 551 he would be competing in an over the top battle royal in the main event against 5 other people. Backstage at R2G Tucker and Asher hashed out a plan that would result in them two battling in the final two of the battle royal.


The night of Riot 551 before the battle royal Solomon Caine shook Tucker’s hand and wished him luck. Caine told Tucker he was his pick to win.Tucker was taken back by the random interaction but thought nothing of it and headed to the ring for the match, The match featured Damian Bourne, Mark Reese, Alex Asher, Benjamin Moore, The Mantis, And of course Joshua Tucker. It was as hectic as anyone could have predicted and Tucker and Asher remained a strong alliance until the final three when Asher clotheslined Tucker right over the top rope before dealing the same fate to Reese for the win. While Asher celebrated his win and becoming number one contender for the International title, Tucker went to the backstage area where he was attacked by Solomon Caine.



On Turmoil 246 Caine went to the ring and explained why he did what he did to Tucker. Who was backstage listening to it all and was not amused by Caine or Jim Black at the time. The two were set for a video conference on Riot 552 mediated by Jim Black (of course the hardest working man in OCW). Tucker and Caine exchanged verbal blows for a few moments before Tucker was tired of it and wanted Caine to meet with him and fight. Caine denied the request and in turn challenged Tucker to a match at WRESTLUTION 14. Tucker accepted the challenge and the opportunity of competeing at Lution.



From Turmoil 247 to Riot 553 Solomon continued his mind games and phone calls. One night though he took it too far, it was after Riot 553 went off the air Caine had someone snatch Tucker's new kitten, Cincy. Solomon sped off in a vehicle before Tucker could reach them. The following week on Turmoil 248 Caine and Tucker wee set to team together against The Mega Bucks. Tucker had one thing and one thing only on his mind and that was getting Cincy back, but as usual Caine had a plan to keep Tucker at bay. He had Cincy on surveillance and was using her as black mail to keep Tucker on his side for the match and to try and get the win. Unfortunately for Tucker they didn't pick up the win so Cincy was Caine's for a little while longer.



Tucker had a rematch against his very first OCW opponent Mark Reese on Riot 554. Reese done to Tucker what he does to most competitors and slammed him until the match was over and Reese got the win. A couple of days after Riot 554 Caine decided to give Tucker a phone call. The two went back and forth for a moment until Caine told Tucker that the time for games were over and to bring a suit to Turmoil 249. Before Tucker could agree or disagree or even ask questions the line went dead leaving Tucker pissed off and confused but also ready for Turmoil 249.


On Turmoil Caine and Tucker dressed in suits signed the contract to have a match at Wrestlution 14! A match that would mark Joshua Tucker’s very first Lution appearance/match. As usual Caine began to run his mouth and Tucker snapped, hitting Caine multiple times before throwing him out to the floor. Caine stood up, shook his head, blew a kiss and walked off leaving Tucker in the ring infuriated. The two didn’t speak again until their Lution match. Before their match Tucker was pacing the halls with nervousness listening to the cheers and jeers of the packed Lution crowd. Then the time came to hit the stage and head to the ring. Caine kept his word and broke Tucker down during the match and picked up the win, but that wasn’t enough for Caine. After the match was over he grabbed a steel chair and beat Tucker with it before placing his leg into it, but before he could crush Tucker’s leg in the chair The Last Blacksmith returned! He appeared behind Caine and attacked him, saving Tucker in the process.


After Lution Tucker was MIA until Riot 556 when he showed up and revealed he was now Solomon Caine’s protege by attacking Blacksmith from behind. On the same night Tucker ran into Alex Asher backstage and exchanged some heated words before the two parted ways with Asher not particularly happy with Tucker’s new path or attitude. The following week on Turmoil 251 Tucker came to the ring and challenged Blacksmith to a match at Consequence. He gave Blacksmith until the end of the night to accept. Meanwhile backstage Tucker and Asher exchange words again, this time Tucker is trying to get Asher to join him and Caine and turn his back on the fans but Asher says no and storms off. Later that night Tucker comes back to the ring and demands an answer from Blacksmith. He waits for a moment in silence before he begins to head out of the ring, but then the lights turn off. When they turn back on there is a flaming table in the middle of the ring with the words “I accept” playing on the Xtron.


The stage was set for Tucker and Blacksmith to face off at Consequence, That was until Caine ambushed Blacksmith during his entrance. Caine rolled Blacksmith into the ring and then a table that he and Tucker ignited then slammed Blacksmith through resulting in very serious third degree burns over a large percentage of his body and even put his career in jeopardy. Tucker was then scheduled for a tornado tag match where he was teamed up with Maxx Edwards and they squared off against Alex Asher and The Mantis. Tucker and Edwards won the match and Tucker made sure that he used it when he spoke to Asher backstage, still trying to sway Asher to “the darkside” but was unsuccessful once again.


On Turmoil 252 Tucker ran into Asher yet again, this time trying to apologize for his actions against Asher. Tucker’s apology was accepted but when Asher went to walk off Tucker attacked! He left Asher laying in the backstage area unconscious. The following week on Riot 558 Asher was looking for revenge, but when he found Tucker he also found a no harmful contact agreement. Meaning if Asher tries to get revenge before an official match is made then he will be suspended and still not get his match or revenge.


So without worry Caine and Tucker, also known as Machine Gun Inc., made their way to the ring to celebrate the now dead career of The Last Blacksmith. In the middle of their celebration the Xtron showed a message from Blacksmith stating he was alive and well and coming for Caine. So Tucker went up the ramp to go find him but the lights went out and when they came back on Blacksmith was behind Caine, but Caine escaped unscathed and ran up the ramp. At this point Tucker had made his way back behind Blacksmith and tried an ambush but Blacksmith caught him and clotheslined him out of the ring. Pissed off, Caine announced that Tucker would face Blacksmith once and for all in the main event. Right as the match was about to be underway, Turmoil GM Tiberius Dupree appeared on the Xtron and made the match a cage match so that Caine could not get involved. This did not bode well for Tucker who was destroyed by a very aggressive and pissed off Blacksmith.



The following week on Turmoil 253 Tucker and Asher were set to appear on The Clark Effect. During the interview you could tell there was no love lost between the former friends as tempers flared. Tucker kept getting Asher riled up then taunting him with the No harmful contact agreement. At the end of the interview Stacy announced that Mr. Sensation himself said he did not sign that paper and that Tucker and Asher would in fact have a match at Summercide.



Asher won the match and the two shook hands with a mutual respect for each other before going their separate ways. Later on that night after the Caine and Blacksmith Hell in a Cell match Tucker ran down to try and double team Blacksmith. That plan was cut short by none other than Kassidy Hayes to everyone's surprise. On Riot 559 Solomon Caine and Joshua Tucker challenged The Last Blacksmith and Kassidy Hayes to a tag match on Turmoil 254, in which they accepted. Even though Hayes and Blacksmith were bitter rivals they worked as long time tag partners en route to a victory over machinegun inc.Later that night after the match Caine was reportedly furious backstage. He smacked Tucker twice and went for a third before Tucker finally had enough and grabbed his hand. Tucker returned the favor knocking Caine on his ass then walked away. Tucker wasn’t seen or heard until End Games 2020 when he told Jim Black he had some soul searching to do and then disappeared.


He had since been promoted from rookie to wrestler and found a new path and changed his look as he made his way back to the ring. He was scheduled to face off against Darryl Webster on Super Turmoil 257 for the first show and match of his 2021 season. The next match came against Just Derrick Smith.


After he and Derek duked it out, he and Maxx Edwards reignited a year and a half old rivalry. This included underhanded tactics by the b list bad boy like an illegal sting operation that almost landed Tucky in prison. Avoiding prison Tucky agreed to a match with Edwards at Summercide. After said match Tucky took another hiatus and would not return until the start of the 2022 season.


His first match of 2022 was against the political pole cat himself, Joe DeaverW. Trying to get back into the swing of things did not come easy for El Tuckerino, as next he was slated to face Roy Brown, Phenix, and Darryl Webster in a cluster fuck four way. Roy Brown was victorious.

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