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Red Haired Beauty

Alex Asher

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The scene opens on the back of man wearing a black shirt with slashes and text saying “Lover boy” on the back. As the camera fully opens we can see the trademark spiked hair of a certain lover boy. It was none other than Alex Asher. Asher could be seen lifting some 75 lbs dumbbells. As Asher finishes his set he turns and see a woman with bright red hair walk into the gym. Asher tried to think of where he might have seen this woman before but he can’t quite place it.


Then, suddenly it hit him, it was the same girl he winked at after him and Sparks got a win over Trance. Asher wondered what she could have been doing here. He figured she was just a fan or something. He figured he would walk up and try his “lover boy” charm on her. As Asher walks towards her he smiles warmly


Asher:Hey, sorry to bother you but do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar.


The woman looked up at Asher and smiled back softly.


Woman:Umm yeah. I saw you and your partner at the show on Turmoil not too long ago. You're Asher Alex right? Man, when you lifted that big guy above your head like that it was awesome.


Asher:It's Alex Asher, but thanks. I'm feeling sore just thinking about how heavy that guy was.


The woman starts to laugh and Asher joins in.


Asher:So I haven't seen you since that night at the show. What are you doing at the performance center? I thought you were just a fan.


Woman:I am a fan. Well, sort of. I'm in developmental right now. I've been following OCW for a while and I always wanted to be a wrestler for a big promotion. I finally got my chance when one of the coaches called me because he had seen some of my Indie shows. So, here I am.


Asher: That's awesome. Maybe you'll get to wrestle Valk or Ashley Moore. They're some of the best wrestlers in OCW. Well that is if you plan on coming to the home of Turmoil or as some would say, Thirstmoil.


Woman:Yeah that sounds cool. I don't plan on just facing other women though. If they allow me, I don't mind going toe to toe with someone like Trance or B17. I'm not one of those girls to back down so quick. You know?


Asher:Yeah I got you. It's nice to see more people like you. I hope you make it. What's your name by the way?


Amber:Oh sorry, My name's Amber.


Amber once again smiles and looked over at the ring then back at him.


Asher:Well Amber, Maybe we can get together and train sometime. You could teach me some things and I can do the same for you.


Amber: That would be great.


Asher: Alright, so I'll let you get back to it. See you later.


Amber: See you later...


Asher began walking away heading back to his dumbbells. He turned back as he could have sworn he heard Amber say something under her breath as he walked away. He though she might have said “lover boy…”

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