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A great announcement

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The scene opens in The Last Blacksmith's dressing room on RIOT 531. The carnivore is sitting in the darkness of the dressing room, waiting for its moment in the ring, which is about to arrive.


Tension is perceptible. The moments has arrived. Blacksmith gets up, and before leaving the dressing room and taking the road to the ring, looks himself at the mirror. Everything he sees, everything he carries on his body, has a story that would deserve to be told. But today is time for something else.

Blacksmith passes through the backstage. During the journey, the tension continues to rise. But there is another thing that goes up with this. The Ambition. Ambition is a dangerous feeling. Sometimes allows you to achieve very high goals.. Sometimes, instead, it turns into thirst, which leads you to fails..

"Do you know it well, eh" thinks the italian wrestler in his sick mind.


"Blacksmith, it's your time" says a voice.


The Carnivore takes the microphone, and is ready to to cross the ramp that leads to the ring.


"You can label me in any way" he thinks "Ambitious, Thirsty. Bad, Good. Fool, Resolute".


"But the fact is I'M THE LAST BLACKSMITH. And and that's all who I'M"


Carnivore theme starts at full volume in the arena. Blacksmith smiles, and takes the ramp. A great announcement it's going to be done. Be careful you all. A challenge will be launched.

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