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Leo Grimm Promo

Nate Mac

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The opening camera focuses on OCW headquarters as a blue rental Prius pulls up. Big Al Poling, announcer from Riot and Tom Sanders from Turmoil step out of the car arguing.


Big Al: I am starving! I can’t believe both KFC and Popeye’s were both completely sold out of fried chicken, we should have just stopped at McDonald’s, but NOOOOO you just had to have chicken! You’re the worst ride along partner ever!


Tom Sanders: That really hurts, you know I can’t eat that stuff.

Big Al: They have the McChicken and Chicken nuggets!


Tom: It’s not even real chicken, what part of the chicken is the nugget huh, tell me that! Let’s just hurry up, the boss won’t like it if we’re late again.


Both start walking towards the entrance as the camera follows. As they approach the door, Big Al notices two fried chicken wings laying on a napkin on the ground. He and Tom look at each other with delightful surprise. Big Al reaches to grab them as Tom notices another napkin inside the doorway with two more pieces. Tom grabs them and they both are astounded to find a trail of fried chicken leading down the hallway.


Big Al: It’s like a gift from the Chicken Gods!


Dumbfounded and excited, they follow the path, scooping up pieces of fried chicken leading them to the building’s boiler room.


Tom: I’m not sure about this, what if that one weird guy who put a sock in his crotch and shoved it in people’s mouths is down there?


Big Al: Dude, that was a long time ago and he doesn’t even have hips anymore. Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s probably Randy and Charles messing with us because we left without them. Besides, it’s real chicken (checks his watch0 and we have some time.


They both enter the boiler room and continue scooping up chicken pieces until the path ends at the open furnace. The camera focuses on them devouring their precious greasy fried chicken prizes when suddenly they are both shoved into the furnace by a figure off screen. Creepy laughs and spooky cackling is heard as the camera pans the room. Out of the shadows, slowly, Leo Grimm’s mask comes into view and he grabs the camera speaking directly into the lens.


Leo Grimm: There’s a lesson to be learned here, OCW, I hope you’re listening. While you all have your starry eyes focused on the glorious rise to the top, with golden titles, fanfare, cheers and dollar signs, don’t believe in fairy tales. There’s only one path that awaits you and that’s a Grimm Ending.


Leo Grimm drops the camera and we see his feet fade back into the shadows.

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