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An Altercation before 230


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The following segment was recorded on May 17th, 2019, an hour prior to Turmoil 230.




People are flocking into the Barclays Center. A notable crowd, however, are making their way towards the parking lot area, where none other than The Anime Prince is taking the time to interact with his fans. High-fives and autographs are being given out everywhere he turns.


Bray: Thank you all. Thank you.


A little girl steps up to him. He’s wearing a “Best In The World” t-shirt. Though noticeably aggravated, Bray lets this slide.


Bray: What is it you’d like to ask me, little girl?


Child: Mr. Anime Prince, are you going to fight Mr. Archer for his Intanatinal Tittle?


Bray ponders for a moment. Eventually…


Bray: That is an excellent suggestion, my child. For all intents and purposes, The Anime Prince would love to shut that beast of a man up.


???: Begast, you simpleton.


A path opens within the crowd, and Thomas Archer steps forwards in all his wealth and arrogance.


Bray: Well well! What do we have here?


A crowd begins to form around the two. Archer adjusts the International Championship on his shoulder.


Archer: Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you, there’s better places to be than at this miscreant’s behest.


Bray: The Anime Prince recalls these people being here because they wanted to see The Anime Prince. Not for listening to your worthless little tirades, Archer.


Archer shoves a hand in Bray’s face. The crowd lets out a big “OOOOOOOOOOOH!


Archer: Shut your mouth, you stupid little troll!


After a tense silence, Bray shoves Archer’s hand away.


Bray: That’s cute. Mind telling us why you’re here? I mean, aside from spoiling the mood and all?


Archer: All I wish was to further examine you, up close and personal. And I must say…


Archer studies Bray. His 500 dollar sunglasses, his diamond earrings, his ripped skinny jeans, his Happy Sugar Life wife beater. Just awful.


Archer: I’m not impressed in the slightest.


Bray: I don’t see why you wouldn’t be. The Anime Prince ain’t no slouch, Tommy boy.


Archer starts to chuckle.


Bray: Or do you need me to remind you that had it not been for the guys up in the office throwing a hissy fit, I would be International Champion right now instead of you?


Archer’s grin begins to subside. He steps up to Bray, confident. He swipes Bray’s sunglasses right off his face and throws them to the ground.


Bray: The Anime Prince recommends you-


Archer SQUASHES Bray’s sunglasses under his boot. Unexpectedly, Bray starts to smile.


Bray: Those were 500 dollar sunglasses, ningen…


Almost on instinct, Bray launches himself at Archer, sending them both to the floor. Bray mounts Archer, attempting to land some haymakers, which are easily blocked. Archer rolls over and tries to initiate his own ground-and-pound. Bray reverses this as well, gaining the opportunity to bend Archer’s arm in an unnatural way. Before he gets the chance, police officers are all over him, dragging him away from Archer.


Officer: ENOUGH!


The officer bends Bray’s arms behind his back.


Officer: Who started this fight?


No one in the crowd gives an answer. Archer stares at the little girl. Reluctantly, she eventually points at Bray.


Officer: Is this true?


Archer: Yes, indeed, officer.


The girl nods, sadly...


Officer: It’s settled. Mr. Horton, you’re under arrest for unwarranted assault on the International Champion.


Bray: Since when did OCW care about laws!?


Officer: Come with me, sir.


Bray: What are you doing!? I’m an active competitor! These people came here tonight to see The Anime Prince!


Officer: I don’t care who you are! You’re under arrest!


Bray: Wait a minute… why did you call him the International Champion instead of his real name like you did me!?


Archer: Get him away from me! He has no business being associated with me or OCW!


Bray: I’ll get my sister on this! [whisper] If she’s still a lawyer in this timeline…


Another officer arrives and grabs Bray. The two struggle to place him in a police cruiser. Eventually, he concedes, even letting them slam the door in his face. Disgusted, the crowd starts throwing boos and expletives at both the officers and Archer, the latter whom begins to straighten out his expense suit. He grins, satisfied with what transpired.

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