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A Grimm Warning

Nate Mac

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The scene opens with the camera slowly panning across a dimly lit forrest. In the middle a shadowed figure is seen sitting in a meditation pose as the camera starts a close up. Leo Grimm raises his head and the camera focuses on his mask covered face.


Leo Grimm: I see you have followed me to my place of solitude. Don’t you know how dangerous it is to be wandering alone in the forest this late in the day? There are many dangers out here, stories of witches, hungry beasts, Wolf packs and evil entities waiting to prey on the unlucky traveler.


I have wandered these forests and other forests around the world, across deserts, and have seen the evils which lurk in the shadows. Searching for something to make me feel fear, for I am unable to even shiver or tremble like most men. I have slayed beasts and creatures and eaten of their burnt carcasses. I have stood face to face with evil entities who have ran in fear from my offerings of salvation. Now, I am here.


I have arrived in OCW not to chase gold, but to install the fear which I cannot feel myself. Gold may come, but I assure you, no one, not one soul is safe. OCW you are under siege and I will not rest until your deliverance is complete. I have had a vision of the first to receive deliverance, and he shall know my presence soon. There will be no fairytale finish, only a Grimm Ending.


The camera starts to fade out but in a flash Leo Grimm leaps and attacks the cameraman, realeasing a chilling howl followed by laughter. He picks up the camera staring directly into the lens.


Leo Grimm: Why wait? The end is near.


Grimm drops the camera and we see him dragging the cameraman off into the shadows of the wilderness maniacally laughing

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