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Immediately before Wrestlution Prime.

Tre Golden

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Scene opens to Tre Golden walking down a busy Harlem street the night of lution prime. He turns the corner and we see the famous Slim’s Barbershop. Golden stops to sign some autographs for the young kids in front of the shop. He looks down at his cell phone, then turns and Enters the shop.


He daps up the regular patrons of the shop. And finds Lawfanda the chubby hairdresser braiding an older lady’s hair.


Lawfanda: Tre Tre, I’ll be with you in a minute, you know damn well to call first, my schedule is full and you know I don’t play.


Golden: Lawfanda…. watch yourself. But I do apologize love, this was a last minute decision.


Lawfanda rolls her eyes and continues to braid hair. At this moment Old man slim, the namesake of the shop enters from the storage closet. He wears a straw fedora on his head, big thick dean glasses, and has gray beard hanging on his chin. Contrary to his name, he’s rather plump.


Slim: Ain’t you supposed to be wrestling tonight? That big fancy show in the Garden Youngblood?


Golden: Nah, Old timer… I wrestle tomorrow night in the future investment match.


He gives Tre a confused look.


Golden: It’s a ladder match, I have to climb to the top of the ladder and grab a briefcase. Shepard, Telos, Cort and myself are gonna fight tooth and nail to get it… inside is a guaranteed World title shot.


Slim: Whew…. Good look Youngblood… beat that Shepard boy down, I’ve been watching some shows…. that boy ain’t got any respect.


Slim: That loud mouth Telos too…. I see that boy walking through this neighborhood…. he’s up to no good.


Golden: He’ll be dealt with… don’t worry.


Golden: But now that I remember there’s a pre show called Prime that’s about to start, turn that on. My boy Cobretti is gonna win the Light Heavyweight Championship tonight.


Slim walks over to the TV and turns it on, he then goes and sits in his chair and begins to read the newspaper.


Lawfanda: is Cobretti that cute little white boy? I’ll be rooting for him…. bring him around some time Tre.


Tre smirks.


Golden: I might just do that Lafawnda.


She gets done braiding the lady’s hair and beckons Tre to the seat. He goes to sit down and whispers in her ear about what he needs done.


Golden: Slim I’m gonna need your hands tonight too.


Slim looks up surprised from his newspaper, Tre looks at his phone one more time, and then sets down on the armrest. The camera zooms in to see the message on the screen:


I already told you that you could have it back. Stop being stubborn and use it- KH


The scene fades to black with the phone screen.

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