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For A Slice of Pizza


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It is the day after WrestLution and Ashley Moore sits at home on her sofa, an opened bottle of wine in front of her on the table.


She looks at the suitcase she won in the women's FI match, but somehow she cannot enjoy it.


Not because her bitter rival Valkyrie holds the title now and also not because she completely screwed the cash in after the title match.


She may have had the biggest victory of her career, but she lost a friend, the only friend she ever had here.


While binge-watching the last season of GoT the doorbell rings and without checking who it is she opens the door and turns around.


Ashley Moore: It is already paid, just leave the pizza on the table.


The sound of the door closing can be heard followed by a heavy sigh. Empress is standing next to the door. She's covered in bruises and bandages from the FI match. She holding a pizza box and a large brown bag.


Empress: Is this what you are doing with yourself now? Sitting around eating cheap pizza and watching people kill and betray each other?


Empress: Explains a lot about you.


Empress drops the pizza on the table and looks around the apartment. She limps over to a shelf and picks up a picture of the both of them posing before Road 2 Glory.


Empress: I saw what happened at lution with Valkyrie. You should have known better. Do you think she wouldn’t expect you to be coming for her after that match?


Ashley Moore: Yes, that didn't work out as I imagined it, but I still have the suitcase so whatever.


Ashley Moore: And why are you even here today?


Empress: Don’t worry I’m not here to attack you. I just came to return your sweater and ran into your pizza guy outside in the hall.


Empress reaches into the brown bag and pulls out the sweater handing it to Ashley.


Ashley Moore: You could just give it to me when we see each other in the company and I’m surprised you still have it.


Empress: Of course I still I have it. You gave it to me on that cold night when we attacked Valkyrie during her shitty parking lot show. That sweater meant a lot to me why would you think I would throw it away?!


Empress: The sweater was just a reason for me to come over…


Empress pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath before looking away from Ashley.


Empress: It was just a reason to see you and say I’m sorry okay? This Lution thing was a big moment for me and I really wanted that moment. And I let it get in the way of our friendship.


Ashley Moore: You are right, but it was my fault. I only wanted to use you for my own benefit.


She gives Empress the pullover back.


Ashley Moore: Keep it if it meant so much for you. At least something I can give you.


Empress throws the sweater on the ground and pulls the BFF ring out of her pocket and holds it up to Ashley Moore's face.


Empress: You see this! I don't want that damn piece of cotton, I want my friend back. I want the Ashley Moore that I helped run Valkyrie out of this apartment with back. Not this paranoid mess you have become now.


Ashley Moore: How can you ever trust me after I betrayed our friendship?


Empress: Every friendship has its ups and downs. I’m sure we can find a way to rebuild trust.


Empress grabs two a slice of pizza from the table for Ashley and Herself. She throws her arm around Ashley.


Empress: But, for now, let’s watch some tv and eat some pizza and talk about getting that title out of Valkyrie’s sweaty sausage fingers and around the waist of my BFF.


And the scene fades to black while they plan their intrigues and watch other people do the same on the screen.

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