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A Beautiful day in Nebraska

Code Jackman

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The scene opens on a farm on the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska. The cows are mooing, chickens clucking, and the pigs rolling in shit on a nice beautiful Thursday evening.

In the distance is a farmhouse away from the fields and animals.


???: Corn! Dinner is ready.


From the pig pen where the pigs are rolling around Corn Ricketts gets up from rolling around with the pigs.


Corn Ricketts: Thank you, granny!


Corn whips his sweaty face with his right hand. He thought he had most of the mud and shit off his hand and smeared a handful of it on his face.


Corn Ricketts: Oh Oinkie, look what you made me do. Same with you Cletus, Wiggles, Pinky, Scarlett, Vern, Chucky well shoot. All of you made me do this.


Corn Begins to chuckle and laugh as he falls on his back and makes a mud/shit angel.


Corn Ricketts: I wonder what granny made for dinner. I hope it is my favorite beef stew with grilled corn on the cob.


Granny: Corn I am not going to say it again. Get your ass in here.


Corn Ricketts looks at the pigs: Gotta go, fellas, I’ll see you after dinner.


Corn washes up at hose next to the barn where he found the old overalls that he used to wear a few months back. He began to wash his bare ass as he thought of the time he wrestled against Mark Reese at the farming convention.


Corn Ricketts: Now thinking about, I really missed that place. Especially Jose! My security guard friend was so nice to me. I might have to take a trip back to New York.

Corn now rinses off his hair as he noticed a few people walking by.


Corn Ricketts waves: Good evening neighbors.


Neighbor: Good lord Ricketts, can you do that inside.


Corn Ricketts: The breeze feels good. You and your wife should try out sometime. Have a nice night.


Corn grabs his clothes and begins his naked walk up the road to his house.

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