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Archer Academy Challenge 2: Tuckers hunt

Hooligan King

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Three of the four men who had been enrolled in the Archer Academy have returned from the first challenge. Benjamin Moore, the Jamaican Jiggalo, has apparently vanished without a trace, leaving the others to ponder where he is. Quietly, the chatter amongst themselves until Nicholas Maximus walks in pushing an old VHS player and television tray style combo you would see in an old public school.


From his satchel, he removes a video tape and slides it in, pressing play. The quality is poor for a moment, snow controls the box before inevitably Thomas Archers face fills the screen. In the background are some monuments, it would appear he is now in Greece.


Archer-Congratulations, you have all passed! Including Benjamin Moore, despite the fact he actually failed the challenge. As such, he is being held in a secret location......Which brings me to our next challenge.


Archer leans forward, clasping his hands together.


Archer- It is up to you to find him based on a series of elaborate clues I have set out for you all. Whoever finds him the fastest gets a cut of the money they made for me in the previous round. However, if Joshua Tucker wins I will pay for an advertising campaign to put his name up on lights all over the cities that host OCW shows for the rest of the season.


Archer examines his fingernails.


Archer-The rest of you, well... You'll just get a one handed golf clap.


The footage cuts towards Benjamin Moore slumped over in an undisclosed location.


Archer- Let the games begin...


Archer begins to cackle as Nicholas returns wheeling him out of the room. Bourne, JT, and Sparks look at each other before all making a mad scramble for the door as the scene fades.


As they make their way to the door JT comes to a stop allowing Sparks and Bourne to leave the room first, leaving him alone. He walks around seemingly looking for clues but grabs two steel chairs and sets them up instead.


JT- I think I will just sit and wait on them to return. IF they do.


He says as he chuckles then sits down on one of the chairs, before continuing.


JT- If two instead of three people are out looking, then there is less of a chance of him being found and more of a chance of him being eliminated. No offense towards Benjamin at all, but this IS a competition of sorts, and he did fail the first challenge.


JT grabs the other chair and slides it in front of him, then kicks his feet up, puts his hands behind his head interlocking his fingers, then continues


JT-So, I guess I will miss out on my name being on lights all over the cities that host OCW, and or a cut from challenge one. I'm going to let this situation work itself out while I save my energy for the next challenge.


JT-I mean surely Archer wont leave him unfound in a random building somewhere.


he pauses as he leans up


JT-Would he?


He asks himself, then shakes his head as he leans back in the chair again, and closes his eyes as the scene fades.

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