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Grimm Squealing

Nate Mac

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After Riot a letter is delivered backstage, and a cameraman rushes out the arena door


The camera approaches the House of Grimm slowly. We hear muffled screams coming from inside. The cameraman opens the door and sees the Kalix fan with his shirt ripped to shreds, knocked out and chained to a radiator


In the middle of the room we see Riot Commentator “Big Al”

Piling tied up in a chair with a gag in his mouth. He begins squirming and wide eyed trying to bounce the chair towards the door as we hear his muffled grunts and screams.


We hear a sound come from the kitchen area as Leo Grimm appears wearing an apron reading “Feed Them Deliverance”. Grimm stares at the cameraman and steps forward, motioning to him to step back and starts waving his pointer finger back and forth.


Leo Grimm:. Tsk Tsk Tsk, Not in this house. I haven’t fed my guest yet.


Grimm has in his hands a pot of some steaming substance, and looks to Big Al. Big Al starts shaking his head and continues his muffled noises which sound like “No, No, No” being repeated.


Grimm approaches Big Al and sets the pot in the floor of the cabin, and is inches from his face.


Leo Grimm:. Now Albert, can I call you Albert? Look Albert, I have traveled this world multiple times and in many cultures it is considered very rude for a guest to deny food from the host. I don’t like it when people are rude. You’re not going to be rude are you? Hmmm?


Big Al looks in fear at Grimm then shifts his eyes to the pot on the floor. He hangs his head in defeat and shakes it side to side.


Leo Grimm: Perfect! Then it’s time to eat! I know you’re hungry, you’re always hungry. You ate all that chicken I left you before I threw you into the furnace. Lucky for you the furnace wasn’t lit. Buuuut before you dine on this special meal I have prepared for you, I have a question.


Leo Grimm: Now, at Riot you said I sound like a rookie, so you must be a wise man. Do you consider yourself wise? LOOK AT ME!


Big Al lifts his head and doesn’t know what to do, so he stares is fear as Leo Grimm tilts his head to the side as to read his thoughts.


Leo Grimm: Well, let me ask you another question then. If you can tell what a rookie sounds like, then you surely can tell what a pig sounds like, right? No need to answer, I know you do. So I’m going to remove this rag from your mouth, which you can thank “Mr. I Love Kalix” over there for, and you’re going to let me hear your best pig noises for me. Do you understand?


Grimm pulls out a three foot machete from underneath his apron. Big Al starts to cry and sob but shakes his head in agreement.


Leo Grimm: Now, once I remove this gag, if I hear anything other than pig noises, then you will find your deliverance. That is the only time I say it.


Grimm removes the gag and Big Al starts oinking and snorting like a pig. Leo Grimm stares at him and listens to this man pig oinking his fat heart out. Then raises the machete and swings it at Big Al who releases a very high pitched squeal. The ropes that had him tied fall to the floor.


Leo Grimm: Very well done little piggy, ah ah, don’t get up. Your dinner is on the floor. Get down there and eat it. But squeal like a happy piggy going all the way home.


Terrified out of his mind Big Al falls to the floor and starts to put his hand in the pot, but Grimm places the machete on his hand to stop him.


Leo Grimm: Do pigs eat with their cloven feet? Get your face in there and eat like the pig you are and I want to hear you squeal! DO IT NOW!


Mortified and humiliated Big Al squeals and oinks and snorts as he is face first in the pot eating his meal.


Leo Grimm: Now get up swine. I hope you enjoyed your meal, now take your ass back to HQ and out of my sight before you become the last meal for my other guest. GET OUT!”


Big Al runs as fast as he can out of the house and through the woods back to The arena. Leo Grimm then shifts his focus to the unconscious fan chained to the radiator.


Leo Grimm: Deliverance comes to us all eventually. Now Mr. Cameraman unless you want your deliverance now I suggest you leave just as fast as the man pig. I have unfinished business to attend to.


The cameraman rushes out of the house following the path Big Al made, and we hear loud screams start coming from the cabin.

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