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After Turmoil 232 goes off the air...


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As fans start to depart from the Barclays Center the arena suddenly goes dark, and the X-Tron flickers on.


???: You have failed, once again. Why is that?


Its dark, yet bright at the same time...


The floors are made of some strange blue crystal, as clear as water, and yet solid as diamond.


The room looks akin to a small theater, but with no seats, and the stage higher than the nonexistent audience.


The veil, that of shadows and darkness, interrupted only by the large, pale, reptilian, 4 fingered claw piercing through the shadows, a large shadow hiding behind the curtain.


A familiar figure, clad in his “Indy Ninja” gear, is on one knee in the middle of the room. The blades he carries are unsheathed, and on the floor. They are not of steel, but of jagged bone. He looks down to the blades, then up to the shadow...


Elliot: ...You interrupted my last match. I’ve lost to someone who’s considered one of the “perennial jobbers” of this country. You are there when I least need you, and absent when I need you the most. If you wish to impede my progress, then I will obliterate what’s left of you...


Elliot: ...Riven.


Riven: You already know this is impossible.


Elliot: Nothing is.


I am in service to you, yet you are a slave to me.


Elliot: If you are in service to me, then I want to make a wish.


Riven: The last time you made a wish with me, it ended in you inheriting my curse.


Elliot: And I accepted those consequences.


Are you prepared to make another wish then?


Elliot looks at the blades once more, then he closes his eyes. He grips one of the bones, cutting his own hand. Through gritted teeth and disdain, he speaks...


Elliot: I wish to become stronger.


Riven: Granted.


The giant claw on the stage raises into the air, then crashes down. A bright flash light the room, then it is dark again.


Riven begin to speak, now through Parker’s body.


Riven/Parker: Im glad you decided to make another wish, O murderer, mine.


Elliot’s eyes open once more, revealing new colors to his eyes, and the screen immediately cuts to black.

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