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Archer academy challenge 3: T.Y. Sparks vs TJ Stevens

T.Y. Sparks Jr.

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The scene opens with a loud ocw crowd buzzing getting ready for the match coming up.


Suddenly TJ Stevens’ music hits and the crowd starts buzzing as TJ makes his way to the ring jumping up and down energetic for his match coming up. He hops into the ring and taunts to the crowd before taking off his jacket and gets ready for his opponent to make his way to the ring.


A remixed version of the Rocky music starts to play and almost instantly the crowd starts to boo, Sparks walks out of the back with a microphone in his hand, he puts the microphone up to his mouth…


Sparks: Cut the music!


The boos get louder as the music gets quieter


Sparks: That’s fine I’ll just talk over ya… so I’m assuming this is the next challenge for the archer academy huh? You must have had a talk with archer or maybe his little goon Maximus and they probably told you to whoop my ass huh? Well, sir, if that’s the case… uhhh… it’s not gonna happen because it’s gonna be the opposite, ok, you wanna know why? Because I’m better than you… and these people Sparks points to the crowd these people don’t believe I can, but I guess… I guess they are just gonna have to watch me do it anyway.


Sparks throws down the microphone and slides into the ring and immediately starts attacking Stevens throwing punch after punch then Stevens starts to fight back with his own set of blows before the two were separated by Ted who,after making sure the competitors were ready, called for the bell and the match was on


The two men lock up and TJ puts sparks in a headlock, Sparks tries to escape but fails and is brought down to his knees in which TJ Stevens releases the hold and hits T.Y. with an enziguri and taunts to the crowd causing the crowd to cheer


TJ turns his attention back to a grounded Sparks and attempts to grab his head but Sparks quickly pushes his hands away while getting up and punches Stevens in the stomach, then hits an uppercut, hops up, and hits a hurricanrana. Sparks then makes his way to the second rope, hits a frog splash, and pins him for a two count


Sparks taunts Stevens and runs towards the ropes attempting to connect with a move but TJ kip ups and hits T.Y. with a dropkick and follows it up with a splash. Stevens picks Sparks up and punches Sparks in the face, the crowd cheers, Sparks punches him back, the crowd boos, they exchange a couple more blows before Sparks takes the advantage backing Stevens into the corner. Sparks starts to throw rapid fire punches at Stevens making TJ sit down in the corner so Sparks stomps out Stevens in the corner leaving Stevens lying flat on his face.


Sparks rolls out the ring, pulls up the ring apron cover, and grabs a chair. Sparks slides into the ring and starts mauling Stevens with the chair. Ted rings the bell and tries to stop Sparks but T.Y. pushes Ted away and keeps whacking Stevens with a chair. After three more brutal chair shots Sparks throws the chair down on Stevens, rolls out the ring and taunts TJ


Sparks: I told you man, I told you I was gonna whoop your ass.


Sparks turns around and makes his way to the back as the scene fades

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