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Jacob "The Mantis" O'Grady

Jacob The Mantis OGrady

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WRESTLER NAME: Jacob "The Mantis" O'Grady

HOMETOWN: Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland

HEIGHT: 5'11.5"

WEIGHT: 187 lbs



SIGNATURE MOVES: Banbridge Boot (Sole Kick/Enzugiri Combo), Regal Cutter


FINISHER: 0-2-8 (Tiger Kick Feint Combo, a.k.a 619 into top rope frogsplash)


Biography: Jacob O'Grady has been obsessed with wrestling since childhood. His father, Sheamus "The Belfast Brawler" O'Grady, was well respected among his colleagues and was making a name for himself in the Irish indie wrestling scene. On Sheamus' first televised match, Jacob, as ever, tuned in to see his father wrestle for his chance to potentially enter the OCW developmental system, only for his opponent to throw him from the top rope all the way to the floor, over ten feet down, to land right onto his head, and snap his neck in two, killing him instantly. As medical personnel carried his lifeless body away, Jacob, then thirteen years of age, looked on in abject shock and horror, and would suffer from crushing grief and mourning, from which he would never fully recover.


Since his father's death, Jacob has, despite the numerous objections from his fearful mother, devoted his life to become his own wrestling superstar, and to succeed where Sheamus failed by entering OCW and, eventually, stand among the other legendary wrestlers that he also looked up to as a child. It would be a long, gruelling, roller coaster of an adventure, with scores more downs than ups, but in keeping with his family's customs, he refused to back down and would keep training and improving himself, physically and mentally, and allow no obstacle to stand before him.

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