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Terror from 80,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Drago Cesar

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The scene is set at a beach somewhere within the continental United States. Some children are seen making sand castles, and men are seen flirting with women during this beautiful day. The camera focuses on a man on shore, sitting on a giant rubber ducky inner tube.


??? (Voice over): Urban legends talk of an unknown entity sitting 80,000 leagues under the sea….


We zoom in on this figure, and it is none other than Drago Cesar sitting on the adorable rubber ducky, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and of course his aviator sunglasses. He takes a sip of his mimosa.


??? (Voice over): Waiting to seize its moment….Waiting for the wrong man...At the wrong place, at the wrong time….


Drago leans his head back and takes in the sunlight. However, his moment of bliss is interrupted when the water beneath him starts bubbling. Drago lifts up his aviators and looks around.


Drago: We gonna need a bigger ducky.


Suddenly, the water starts spinning around him and Drago gets sucked into a vortex, almost as if he’s being flushed down a toilet. The denizens of the beach look in shock as Drago disappears before their very eyes.


??? (Voice over): He awakens……The terrifying…..


The water jumps up from where Drago was sucked in and out comes a figure wearing an old scuba diver suit, making a huge leap no mortal man can make! He lands on the shore and throws his arms up in the air.


??? (Voice over): SCUBA BUBBA!!!!


Scuba Bubba: Raaawwwwrrrrrgghhhhh.


Scuba Bubba reaches for his helmet and attempts to take it off, but it seems to be stuck. Women and children scream at the sight of this vicious creature. Scuba Bubba walks up to a woman and points to his helmet. Naturally, she screams and her bodybuilder boyfriend shoves her aside to confront the beast.




He attempts to punch Scuba Bubba in the face, but due to the fact that he’s wearing a helmet made out of stainless steel, his bones crack and he retracts his hand in pain.


Bodybuilder: What the hell are you??? AAAAAHHHHHH


??? (Voice over): A being that is nigh invincible…..


The bodybuilder runs away, flailing his arms around in fear. Witnessing this entire debacle from across the shore is Poolboy Quartz, looking through his PRISTINE binoculars.


Quartz: What… The hell is going on!?


Quartz leaps up, his skullcap and swimmer goggles firmly locked on. He points at the monstrosity.


Quartz: Someone has to put a stop to this!


He looks around frantically looking for something to aid him. Eventually, he slips on his swimmies and charges towards Scubba Bubba… He stands yards away as Quartz can only look on as he makes his next move.


Scuba Bubba finds a cell phone in the sand. He dials a number and makes a video call. The screen lights up with the sight of Bubba staring directly at Scuba Bubba. Bubba tilts his head and grunts.


Scuba Bubba: Mrrrmaoremaagarrghhh!!!!


Bubba roars.


Scuba Bubba: Rrrrgghhhaaaaaaa!!!!


Bubba sticks his tongue out. Scuba Bubba throws his free arm up in outrage. Bubba looks to his left and Dragana enters the camera’s view.


Dragana: Hm?


She looks into the camera and squints her eyes. Scuba Bubba waves.


Dragana: Ah!


She smacks the camera to the side out of fear and the video call ends.


Scuba Bubba: Awwwwwrrrrhhhhh…..


A sad Scuba Bubba drops the phone and notices Poolboy Quartz rushing up to him.


??? (Voice over): Only one man can stand up to such a horrifying sight….


??? (Voice over): Will Scuba Bubba continue to terrorize America? Can the Poolboy stop this mysterious menace??? Only time will tell…..


The scene ends on a still frame of Poolboy Quartz making a beeline for Scuba Bubba.

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