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The Uncrowned Post-SummerCide

Antonio Everrett

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Video from @OCW_DocGreen:


The screen is black for a moment, but as a hand moves away from the camera, the faces of Antonio Everrett and Doc Green can be seen as they both are sat down on a sofa. They are outside, the sun beats down onto the pair as they are clearly enjoying a luxurious getaway following their loss at SummerCide.


They are both dressed appropriately for the occasion. Doc wearing a small pair of swimming shorts and shades, Antonio, unsurprisingly, wearing a tight pair of speedos, complete with sunglasses and neck-towel to match. He also seems to have some smudges of sun cream under his eyes that has not been rubbed in yet, like any good British tourist would have..


Despite the beautiful setting, the two do not look in the best of spirits as Doc begins to speak.


Doc: A couple of weeks ago we truly believed we’d be sitting here as your new OCW Undisputed World’s Tag Team Champions. Obviously, on that night in Miami, we bottled it. We did, and as much as we didn’t want to admit it, CQC deserved it. They beat us fair and square, they won again.


Antonio: That’s right, Doc. But this one hurt so much more than the last one. The first time we faced those lads we weren’t ready, everybody could see that. But in Miami, there was no excuse for us, it was our chance to prove ourselves once and for all that we could do it together but just like you say, we absolutely bottled it.


Doc: So we came out here to the beautiful beaches of Tenerife to try and decompress the disappointment; but no matter what we do, we just can’t get that night off our minds. Watching Cohle and Quartz climb that ladder together victoriously, it just eats away at you; really brings out the worst in you that I didn’t even think was possible.


Antonio: And I 100% promise you we didn’t come all this way to have this constantly on repeat in our minds, which brings us to why we’re talking to you right now.


Antonio Everrett leans forward.


Antonio: Rust Cohle… Inness Quartz. We know we got September to Remember coming up but we’re thinking much further ahead of that. OCW Anniversary. Let’s run it back one more time. No silly games, no special stipulations, just the Uncrowned and CQC one final time for those Tag Team Championships, just like we did almost a year ago.


Doc: And if we lose, you won’t hear anything from us, ever again. No excuses, no complaints, nothing.


Antonio: Oh yeah, let me make one thing absolutely clear, if you step into the ring with us one more time, you won’t be facing the Uncrowned. You’ll be stepping inside the ring with former Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Everrett and former OCW World Heavyweight Champion Doc Green. We know exactly what we need to do to beat you. We look forward to your response.


With that, Antonio leans forward and the camera is turned off.

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