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Make Friends not Enemies


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Valkyrie opens her eyes to finds herself inside of a strange looking chapel with large tapestries hanging from the what appears to be a never ending ceiling. The cold stone walls running from end to end are broken up with stained-glass windows that depict various pictures of Kassidy Hayes preaching to a congregation. She soon comes to the realization that she's tied up to an altar as the Ghouls are surrounding the area.


Valkyrie: Uhm… Where… Where am I?!


Meanwhile the Kasstians are reading the Kasstianity Bible out loud.


Kassidy Hayes: At September 2 Remember, Kasstianity will make its triumphant return!


Empress: That's right! And with Valkyrie at our side we will finally show the world the power of Kasstianity!


Valkyrie: Let me go you monsters! What makes you think I will fight for Kasstianity!


Empress closes in on Valkyrie with what appears to be a ceremonial dagger in her hand and a twisted smile on her face. She looks like she's about to stab her in the chest, but instead she cuts the ropes and lets her free.


Valkyrie is astonished, but she quickly stands up and takes a few steps away from the altar.


Empress: In Kasstianity we do not force anyone. You are free to go whenever you please. You were always free.


Valkyrie: Yeah… right!


Valkyrie massages her wrists which still show the bruises. She then walks away, towards the exit as the Ghouls apparently are staring at her without saying anything.


Empress: Wait! Before you leave, there's something I wanted to show you. Does this look familiar to you? It should.


Empress shows Valkyrie her Diary. She starts flipping the pages.


Valkyrie: Yeah! It is familiar. Are we back in High School? I thought you said this was a Moore way of doing things. You got it during your Finland tour. How edgy.


Empress: It is! You can have it back, really. Consider this a… compensation for the trouble we put you through.


Valkyrie reluctantly makes her way back to the altar and snatches the diary from the hands of Empress. She then quickly goes through the pages again and startles as she notices some of them are missing.


Empress: Something wrong? You are not hiding something are you?


Valkyrie: I…


Empress: I was bored the other night and was looking for something to read. So I had a look at your Diary and found out something shady about you. I think I’ve finally figured out why you are so obsessed with Fairy Tales and Heroes and Happy Endings…


Empress: It’s because you are actually a Villain. Deep inside, you are a monster, a…




Empress: Right! An accident! Shit happens, right? Trust me I believe you.


Empress: But will your fans believe you as well? That’s the real question.


Valkyrie: You…


Empress walks towards Valkyrie and hugs her.


Empress: But we can still work this out! We can still be a family! We can still be the friends you never had in OCW… And most of all, we can make sure your little secret stays between us.


Valkyrie: Huh…


Empress: Now. I am going to ask you again. Are we going to be on the same page come September 2 Remember?


The scene fades to black

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