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Grimm Penance

Nate Mac

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Deep in the Forrest we close in on a familiar small worn cabin. Muffled screams, howls and laughter can be heard coming from inside. As we enter we can see a clothesline which appears to be drying out thin pieces of a leathery material, a lit wood stove with an open cover and a fillet knife resting in the coals.


Leo Grimm is sitting next to the stove bleeding from his upper torso with his head tilted back. He raises his head and looks into the camera.


Leo Grimm: For months I have spoken about purification and Deliverance through pain. The pieces on the board have been set and the process for those lucky enough to have been chosen; those who have dared to stare into the darkness and gaze into the eyes of the mighty dragon their pieces are set into motion.


Leo Grimm: But I have failed so self purification through pain is my penance, and I must oblige as any true Prophet of Deliverance should.


Grimm looks toward the stove and reaches for the knife. The blade is glowing From the heat of the coals. Grimm brings the blade to his left shoulder and begins to carefully slice into the tissue, removing the tattooed layers of epidermis and buries his head into his right shoulder and releases a blood curdling scream which turns into laughter. He carefully hangs the freshly filleted skin on the clothesline and returns the knife to the coals and then to his seat.


Leo Grimm: As you see, purification can be refreshing and completely blissful. It is also time consuming, but you are more than welcome to stay and watch the completion of my purification if you desire. Watch me, for only through me can you receive true Deliverance for I am the Way. I Am The Way.


The camera fades out as Grimm reaches for the blade once again.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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