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Abandonment and Bad Luck.


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The Screen cuts to Elliot Parker, back in his hometown of Indianapolis, training late at night in the same gym he started his craft in. His old coach, Mr. J, and his sister, Evelyn, are sitting at ringside, with an impatient look on his face.


Coach: Look, I was supposed to close an hour ago. My wife’s gonna kill me. You should take some time to rest.


Elliot: Not resting.


Elliot takes more swings and kicks at the punching bag.


Elliot: I had time to rest when I was dead.


Evelyn: Elliot, can we PLEASE go? You’ve been holed up in this gym for months. Literally months. It’s time to go home.


Elliot: Both of you can go if you want. I’ll stay till you open in the morning.


Mr. J rises from his seat, with a look of anger on his face.


Coach: Know what, fine. Hijack my gym and waste my time, since you can’t get the job done in America like you could in Japan. Don’t expect anymore advice from me. I’m going home to get bitched out by my wife for keeping this place open late for your ungrateful ass.


Evelyn: You going home too? Good. Im tired, my knee hurts, and I got a craving for tacos. Ill call you when I get home. You better be ready for the next season, because you know I am.


Evelyn and Mr. J walk away from the ring, shut the blinds, and walk out of the building. Elliot stares at the door, then sits down in one of the corners to think.


Elliot: Ya really messed up this time, Lio... you went and alienated the last people that cared about your existence... Welp, at least you got less distractions from training. Can’t lose this best of 7 series yet. You just can’t.


Suddenly, Evelyn’s loud voice rings out from outside.


Evelyn: You know what? FINE! You deal with him! But I swear if you do to him what you did before, I will rip you head off your body, shrink it, and turn it into my new earring!!!


A moment later, a car can be heard speeding off.


Elliot: ...Someone must’ve pissed her off royally... Oh well, back to training.


Just then, Elliot passes out from exhaustion, and his mind wanders to that day.




Date: May 21, 2013. Time: 1:48 pm.




Evelyn: Lio, Culver’s I can respect. Steak & Shake, good choice, but why stop at Burger King?


Elliot: It was that or Chick-fil-A. And um... you know...


Evelyn smiles at the suggestion.


Evelyn: I’d rather be a lesbian giving money to a homophobic establishment, then put trash like burger king in my mouth!


The twins were on their way home, road tripping from Atlanta to Indy after their successful wrestling tour of Europe.


Elliot: Well, I’ll keep that in mind next time.


Evelyn: I’m kidding. Burger King was awesome. Only thing sweeter than that was grabbing these sweet, delectable, shiny, new, tag team titles!!!


Elliot: Hell yeah! One more title in the bag for The Balance! Because when you face The Balance


Evelyn: Only failure come to those...


The twins both put on a brooding look and feign staring at a hard camera.


Both: That tip the scales!


Elliot: God, that was so cringe!


Evelyn: We need a better catchphrase!


Elliot: That’s what the vacay’s for, right?


Funny how life works... these guys were at the top of their game and they were in the right time to celebrate... just not the right place. Unbeknownst to them, in the oncoming lanes of the highway, a truck was carrying a shipment of rebar from Minnesota to a construction site in Memphis. And the driver had just fell asleep behind the wheel.


Before Elliot realized it, the truck came off the pavement and into the dirt. It crashed into a pillar of bridge crossing over the highway. Before he had time to react, the cargo went in all directions.


And then there was nothing.

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