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New York Mirror article

Ashley Moore

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If you have problems reading the text in the picture above, here it is again as normal text:



A spectre is haunting America - the spectre of Kassianity



From our guest author Angelica Forest


It threatens our youth, it threatens our faith, it threatens our whole society.


For those of you who never heard of it before, first of all feel lucky; it is a sect of the worst kind. And everyone could fall into their hands, their recruiting is ruthless. They are liars, they will say everything to make them seem harmless. They are criminals. Even the upright OCW Women's Champion Valkyrie fell into their hands.


That is why I write this text. So that you will not end like her and so many other now lost souls.

But till now you don't know how the sect works, who is in charge of it. They have a very strict hierarchy with one guy, the leader on top and everyone else below him without a chance to question anything he says.


Said leader is a power hungry tyrant and he uses the sect only to gain power over other people. If you join them the only purpose you have is to serve him. He even called the cult after his name, Kassidy.


The second person in command is a Japanese mafia member called Empress. She notoriously kidnapping people and likes to beat up innocents for her own pleasure. If she appears like a nice human being to you she already got you with her lies.


Everyone else in the cult is just a lower member. They all look the same with white skulls tattooed into their faces and only black clothing and they only follow order like slaves, just as they are seen by Kassidy.


Their headquarter is an old and rusty barn located in a lonely forest, far away from any civilization. It is decorated by all sorts of satanic symbols and the only colour they use is black.


The daily life of a cult member consists of doing a lot of hard


work so that the higher ups in the hierarchy can enrich themselves from the benefits of their work.


An anonymous source, Joann*, confirmed all of this and also told me further secrets about them. They apparently tried to let a demon possess her body and drove her crazy in the process. She was only able to gain her mental health back after cutting all ties with the cult.


They also regularly sacrifice living animals according to Joann. This habit is not a ritual to please any form of higher being. It only serves to pleasure their leader Kassidy.


So if you stumble across this cult, no, this criminal organisation, stay well clear of it. They will only ruin your life.


And I call the politicians of the State New York to ban this self proclaimed Church of Kassianity so that our law enforcers can finally break up this abominable cult.


*Name changed to protect the source.

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