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Grimm Tale.

Nate Mac

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The recognizable cabin of Leo Grimm comes into view. On a chair by the wood stove Leo Grimm gingerly shifts positions as he stokes the coals inside the stove. The mask which has been a symbol of his promise for Deliverance lays in a box by his feet, his face like his body, is wrapped in bandages. He does not lift his head to face the camera, he just stokes the coals repeatedly.


Leo Grimm: I want to tell a story. A story of a broken man who travelled lengths to seek his purpose, but continually met disappointment instead of the Glory he was promised to receive upon Completely of Deliverance.


Grimm tosses what appears to be pieces of dried leather into the fire, setting a small blaze, then continues with his story.


Leo Grimm:. This eager man wandered for years and searched villages around the world looking for his true path. When asked by those he encountered what he was searching for, his reply was one word. “ Redemption. “ He was given many directions and advice on where to look, he tried churches, evangelicals, priests, monks, witch doctors and those blessed with the visions of the future, all to no avail.


Leo Grimm:. So he continued on his quest, and when asked if he feared the answer and found what he was looking for, he replied “I’ve never felt fear once in my life, why fear at the end, no matter how Grimm?”


Grimm tosses another piece of the leather material into the stove.


Leo Grimm:. After hundreds of dead ends, he found a old woman in tattered clothing in a desolate cabin in the Forrest. She told him of a dragon who could give both purpose and redemption, and his hopes had grown far greater than ever before, for this could be the lead to the pieces he had sought and relentlessly journeyed for over many years. She spoke of a ferryman at a river who could take him to the dragon, for a small price. He questioned what the price to pay was for he had been traveling for sometime and he hadn’t any money for trade.


Leo Grimm:. The old woman cackled and said “There is no cent which can be traded, only payment is three hairs from the Devil’s head. Our hero was confused, how was this deed possible? She told him trust the Dragon and the deed shall be done and the fee will be paid in full. She crushed and grated roots and leaves and bone and several other ingredients and made a potion for the traveler to drink, who without hesitation drank the entire potion.


Grimm stokes the coals again, adding more leathery fuel to the fire.


Leo Grimm: The wanderer’s head became dizzy and he fell to his knees on the floor, and passed out within seconds of drinking the potion. When he awoke he was at the gates of Hell. In front of him stood the Devil who stared into his soul and saw there was no fear of the hell awaiting him; bewildered the Prince of Lies asked who this man was and what did he want. Our hero still feeling the effects of the potion responded “ I am A mere traveler , and I have come for three strands of hair from your head for payment to the ferryman to cross the great river and seek the dragon.”


Leo grans another piece of leather, but as we close in, we discover it’s not leather at all, but the dried out pieces of flesh he had peeled from his body weeks ago.


Leo Grimm:. Upon hearing this and gazing into the soul of the tired traveler and saw not only fearlessness but also a light of purpose shinning and replied “I too was once filled with light, the same light I see in you. You do not fear what lies beyond these gates, the eternal fire of damnation which awaits your final destiny. I will give you three hairs, but I will collect a return for this favor one day when you truly have forgotten and believe I will never show.” Our hero simply smirked and took the hairs, after grabbing them, he again was overcome with the effects of the potion and awoke in the cabin with his hand smoking and the three hairs in his hand.


Leo Grimm:. The old lady cackled again “I din’t think you would return alive, yet here you are. You may rest tonight, but tomorrow you go to the river.” So he rested and dreamt of two red eyes Hidden behind smoke and shadow staring at him, calling to him. He woke and rose from a small cot and left for the river.


Grimm shifts slowly in the chair before throwing more of his dried flesh into the stove.


Leo Grimm:. A single green light led him to a small dock with a horn sitting on a stand to summon The Ferryman, which he quickly drew to his lips and a loud below cane from the horn. In the distance through fog a shadowy figure on a small row boat came into view. Without a word the Ferryman held his hand out for payment, in which the wanderer places the three hairs in his hand. The Ferryman looked at his palm and then to our hero, and pointed to the western shore, then handed him the ancient oar. Without a breath passing he took the oar and started paddling across the river.


Leo Grimm: after reaching the western shore he disembarked from the ferry and began to follow the green light ahead. Finally after three days he can to the lair of the Dragon. After a brief pause in awe of the wonderous sight he entered. He could hear the dragon snarling and huffing in the distance, then a loud bellowing voice spoke. “Who dares enter my lair? Who dares to believe they are worthy to stand in my presence?” Our hero answered, “ I am simply a traveler searching for redemption oh great and dreadful dragon.”


Dragon And you believe you are worthy of that which I can bestow upon you!? Step into my view, oh unwise and doomed one.


Leo Grimm:. Our champion steps out of the shadows and faces the Dragon. The Dragon spread his wings and stood on his feet to display his enormous presence the let out a terrible roar. The wanderer did not move or cower, for he knew not fear. He stares at the dragon and said “I am here to do your work. Just tell me what you want me to do.”


Dragon I see you are pure of fear and have a mighty fire inside you. You shall be my tool, my tool of Deliverance to all those unworthy. But in return you shall deliver to me the fears, the souls and the gold of the falsely claimed Champions.


Leo Grimm:. The wandeeer replied, “How and where do you wish for me to go, my gracious lord?” The Dragon responded, “There is a place filled with many souls, souls which are soiled and belong to me, they require Deliverance, that’s where I send you, to OCW.


Grimm cautiously stands and walks to the kitchen to grab a bottle of unlabeled liquid and takes a huge swill, then returns with the bottle to his chair.


Leo Grimm The dragon warned of consequences for failure, but our hero could not imagine that now he would ever fail. The dragon threw a mask to the traveler “this is your face, the face of deliverance, where it and return victorious, or you shall suffer pain in ways you never knew you could feel.” With that the dragon began to torture our hero, making true to his promise of unbelievable pains.


Dragon. Now you have been purified through the pain of Deliverance. Take that pain and deliver the same to those unworthy.


Leo Grimm. Our hero followed the orders of the Dragon and set out to OCW to do the dragons works. However, he failed in his mission, for he forgot that over anything Dragons love gold, and he did not care about gold or treasures, he cared only to bring Deliverance. So the dragon punished him, and forces him to peel his own flesh to save the dragon the trouble. Using herbs and potions he procured from the old cackling woman, he began to heal, unmarked.


Leo looks into the camera.


Leo Grimm: yes. I am the wanderer, I am the traveler, I am Deliverance. I have burnt the pieces of flesh which marked my own journey through Deliverance, after I purified myself through pain and suffering, I will not fail again. I’m here for the unworthy, and I will take your precious treasures, your false idol golden championships, and I will usher in an Age of Deliverance. My only question is who is first? Who dares to step in that ring and face me and their extinction? I am calling to you cowards, who will answer?


Leo Grimm turns his attention back to the burning coals as the screen blacks out.

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