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TJ Stevens

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The screen comes alive, showing the smouldering remains of Blaines now long forgotten bar. Amongst the rubble homeless people can be seen looking for items of value as slowly a voiceover fades in.


Voiceover: The Roadhouse… I bet you all forgot about it, now nothing more than an eyesore and breeding ground for crime, drug use, and poor people… But what if…


The camera zooms out a little.


Voiceover: What if there were a man great enough. A man of such International renown that he could revitalise the area… That he could make this land great again…


A sparkle effect begins to build over the rubble, trash and even the homeless people.


Voiceover: Rebuild…


The rubble vanishes, replaced by a building of glass and steel, it’s a bar, but it is well let, clean. Lights dazzle into the night sky, proclaiming it to be open.


Voiceover: Renew…


This time the sparkles around the homeless people flare up, replacing them with a phone booth, an ATM and a street sign.


Voiceover: What if all of this could be possible, whilst keeping the charm?


The new bar dazzles even more, a sign appears above the door “The Ground Floor.” Next to it appears a small grassy area with a cardboard box, except it’s sheltered, an aluminium covering protecting it from the elements. A sign appears, “the Box of Jack.”


Voiceover: All of this and more can be yours, presenting a new way of life, Entitled Parks. Brought to you by Thomas Jefferson Archer… A true International Icon.


The brief commercial comes to and end showing an odd CGI caricature that looks faintly like Solomon Caine if his mother had mated with a goblin being thrown into a trash compactor by a smiling Thomas Archer, who turns and gives the viewer a big thumbs up.

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