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The Octopus.


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Blackpool. November 9th. 7:00 AM.


??: Empty streets, cold morning air. The usual. Walk with me, I'll show you where I spend my entire time."


The camera follows the hooded man through some dark alleys. He finally stops in front of a little door built in the brick wall.


??: Here is my Kingdom. Come in.


As we enter that secret hall, young boys and grown mens look directly at the camera in a menacing way. Looks like a Rusty place with rusty rings. Kind of like the Fight Club movie.


We are not welcome here. But the hooded man is. They even pay respect to him.


??: Be careful where you step and stay quiet.


The man goes straight to a ring where 2 young boys are getting roughed up by a veteran.


??: OI ! Let me take care of em would you ? Time for some British style submissions.


Boys looking quite scared, but the apparent trainer step aside.


Veteran: No problem Mister Hitta.


The man remove his hood to reveal familiar blond hair.


Aisu: Watch this, you won't regret it.


The 2 boys comes forward and try to grapple the new and approved Satohiko Hitta. The first gets slapped in the face while the other one gets his fingers caught. Aisu snaps them. The boy tries to scream in pain but the other trainer yells at him, so he stops and step aside.


The other boy isn't scared anymore and tries to come back with a slap of his own, which he succeed. The air is taken out of the room, nobody moves anymore. Hitta looks at him and smiles.


Aisu: That is what I like kiddo. Show me that fire.


As the young man is getting pumped up and ready to strike again, he gets immedialtey flipped over and caught in an Octopus Stretch. He is screaming in pain and taps as hard as he can.


Hitta lets him go, laying in the middle of the ring, in pain. He then proceed to get out of the ring and sits next to us.


Aisu: So, you want to know why I brought you here. Easy, look around you, what does it look like ? Here, we are training warriors, veterans of this industry hardening future British stars.


He looks directly into the camera.


Aisu: I got a clear message for OCW. I first thought that being good was enough to make a mark. But I realised something. I didn't want to make a mark, I wanted to hurt people.

Saw what I did to those 2. Let me tell you, they are twice as better as any of Turmoil's puppies already.


Aisu: I felt like I needed something different, one more arrow to my bow. And I found it in the British strong style. I just happened to mix it with my Japanese one.


Aisu: Tomorrow I take my plane back to America once again. New York City. But I am not coming to play filler, I am here to batter, twist, bend, tear and break limbs and spirits.

Riot, Turmoil, Light Heavyweights, Heavyweights, Prides, Internationals, Rookies, Vets, you name it.


Aisu: That is my warning. This season you all going to suffer the same thing. I'll break you all.


OCW. Here I come.

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