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The Future Prospector


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Two weeks had passed since OCW managed to track down their former employee, who fell on hard times and remained under the radar for over fifteen years. An agent was assigned to support this man, ensuring he got cleaned up, had a warm place to stay and prepared for a meeting at the OCW Headquarters to discuss his future.


On December 7th, 2019, Alex Rixon arrived for that appointment. A receptionist had advised him to stay in the hallway until someone brought him into the scheduled forum.


Alex couldn't sit still and started pacing back and forth. Resiting lines in a grizzled mumble under his breath, that he'd plotted the evening before. Unbeknownst to him, his prescience had caught the eye of a janitor who glanced over with a chagrin.


Calmly, the janitor strolled over with bucket and mop being pulled along for the jaunt.


Janitor: May the Lord strike me down! You're 'him' ain't you?


Alex's head shakes frantically, caught off guard by the janitor's intervention.


Alex Rixon: Sorry, and you're?


Janitor: Ah sorry! I'm sorry! I can't help but get ahead of myself. Tyrone is the name. Now you're Alex Rixon, right?


Alex Rixon: Guilty as charged, I guess...


Tyrone: Man it is good to have you back. You won't remember me, I joined after the whole incident. But man oh man, the other boys were going on about you, back in the EWA days.


Alex Rixon: Really? I figured they'd forgotten about me. Look, kid, I'm not worth fussing over. Get a load of the state of me. I've not had my shit together in years. Those guys, well they had a future in this business. I'm just hoping to scrape the barrel and get by.


Tyrone: Hey, easy up! There's a lot of people that want to see you. People were devastated when the news broke out about your injury. Karim, Vega, Leonheart, all those boys in the back kept speculating how things would have been if that day never happened.


Alex Rixon: I've been having those same thoughts. Once upon a time, I thought those answered laid at the bottom of a bottle. Things are looking up though, I can't take that for granted. Two weeks ago I slept on the ground, up until that point, it had been years since I slept on a mattress.


Tyrone: That's rough man..


Alex Rixon: That's life kid...


Tyrone's facial expression dropped, like a child who had seen a fallen hero accept his own mortality.


Alex Rixon: At least that was my life...


Tyrone: Things will get better. After all, we're in the number one promotion in the entire world. This business is in your blood. It doesn't matter whether you can compete in the ring or not.


Alex Rixon: I don't know, kid. Never able to become world champion is a hell of a pill to swallow.


Tyrone: Then make a world champion!


Alex Rixon: Oh ho no. That's the last thing I want to do, development is off the cards. That didn't exactly pan out well for me now, did it?


Tyrone: I ain't talking development. Look, there are so many good talents here today. Some can execute the crispest moves, yet can't spit a lick on the mic, feel me?


Alex Rixon: They just need practice. How can I resolve that, these things just take time...


Tyrone: No my man, they don't need time. They need a mentor. Someone who can push their image, get them over with the people than ever before. I remember the feuds back in the day, you'd talk the talk and make the enemy walk your walk. There's talent in this very locker-room that needs that experience.


OCW Official: Mr Rixon, we're ready to see you now. Would you like to come this way, please?


Alex Rixon: Wish me luck.


Tyrone: Good luck man...


Alex proceeded to the office door before he could pass through, a bellowing voice stopped him halfway.


Tyrone: HEY!


Alex stopped and turned his attention back at Tyrone.


Tyrone: Think about what I said.


With two slow nods, Alex ventured into the office.





The office door opened, Alex emerged back into the hallway and spotted Tyrone still loitering around in close proximity, pretending to keep busy. An excited smirk smeared across Tyrone's face as he once again strolled over to hear an update of the meeting.


Tyrone: So...


Alex Rixon: So?


Tyrone: So... what the hell is the goddamn low down? Don't leave a brother hanging now!


Alex Rixon: They've offered me a job.


Tyrone: That's great. As what?!


Alex Rixon: Well...urgh, I am the new sound guy.


Tyrone's descended into anger.




Alex placed both hands on Tyrone's chest, preventing him from heading passed and towards an office. The effort to halt Tyrone's aggression descended into laughter.


Alex Rixon: Hahahaha, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.


Alex wiped a couple of tears out of the corner of his eyes.


Tyrone: Man! Stop playing with my emotions! I can't take or stomach this shit. What's going on then?


Alex Rixon: You're looking at the new official OCW manager, in charge of mentoring talent.


Tyrone: You screwing with me again?


Alex Rixon: No I am not.


Tyrone: If you're screwing with me again I'll-


Alex Rixon: I'm not! Relax...


Tyrone: Can I buy you a drink to celebrate then?


With a forceful kick, Tyrone shoved the cleaning trolley to the side. Along with Alex, they walked down the hallway on their way out of the building. In the distance, one last utter of doubt could be heard from Tyrone.


Tyrone: You know if you are still screwing with me, only one of us is coming alive. You do realise this, don't you?


Alex chuckled, amused by Tyrone's explosive behaviour and out of relief that his life is finally getting back on track.

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