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Anni Post Cage Match - Empress Doctor Visit


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We see Empress sitting hunched over on a bench in the back being checked out by the Doctors. The muffled sound of the crowd can still be heard throughout the arena. The Doctor Graham runs a small light back and forth in front of Empress' eyes checking for any signs of a possible Concussion.


Doctor Graham: Miko I'll be honest with you it's not looking great you might want to take it easy for a few days.


Doctor Graham: I'm not sure if it was from the fall off the top of the cage or Ashley Moore landing on the back of your head. Hell, it could be a combination of the two. But, you might have a Concussion.


Empress: I'm fine...


Doctor Graham: Sorry Doctors orders. If you want to compete again I need you to go to the hospital and get officially cleared.


Empress: It can wait Valkyrie needs my help against Blaine.


Doctor Graham: Yeahhh about that.


The Doctor waves over the Security. As the two men enter the room. Empress looks at the guys confused.


Empress: What is all this about?


Doctor Graham: Sorry Kiddo we gotta make sure you go to the Doctor. Plus, I was informed All Kasstianity members are being asked to leave the building as to not interfere with the match.


Empress: What! Who the fuck?...


Security one of the Security grabs Empress' bag while the other picks and throws her over his shoulder and walks out with her kicking and screaming.


Empress: Do you know who the fuck I am...I'll rip your eyes out... I'll rip your wife's eyes out...and don't even get me started on your kids I'll punt the shit of.....


Empress' voice drowns out as Valkyrie's Music Hits. Doctor Graham stares down the hall shaking his head as the Security guard walks off with Empress.

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