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Doc and Ev Post Turmoil Triple Threat Match

Antonio Everrett

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The boos coalesce into one deafening chorus as Doc Green paces around the ring, tearing the renowned FAME shirt from his chest and throwing it onto Antonio Everrett, blanketing him in a dark shroud of his past. Doc moves to the right-hand side of the ring, audibly commanding a stagehand to hand him a microphone, which is promptly placed into his outstretched hand. He turns to the writhing body on the ground, his face full of venom as he motions to speak.


Doc: You know… exactly why I’m here. You embarrassed me, just like you always did, twisting my moment to make it all about you, yet again, when it should be my name on the lips of every man, woman, and child who ever chose to give a damn about the Uncrowned...


By this time, Doc Green is squatting down, his free hand resting on the mat, almost stalking the barely moving carcass of his former tag team partner as he lays there, his head turned away from the man who betrayed him at OCW 15th Anniversary.


Doc: ...But that’s not how the story is going to go anymore, Antonio.


The crowd lets out a long ‘ooh!’ through the continued booing as Doc utters the name of Antonio Everrett for the first time since the capitulation of the Uncrowned.


Doc: Just let it go. It’s only going to get worse for you if you let this continue. And luckily for me, I know your ego isn’t going to let that happen.


Doc Green meticulously steps forward and places a boot on Everrett’s head.


Doc: And that means that I get to show you what happens to people that try to take my spotlight away from me. So, when you’re out of commision next week, when you tune into Riot as the rest of the world does too to see the true star of the Uncrowned embarrass one of your closest friends, and maybe just then, you’ll think about what you’ve done.


As he finishes his sentence, Doc is now leaning over Everrett, his boot grinding Antonio’s head into the mat as he stops and turns his attention to the thousands in attendance witnessing this humiliation. Doc lets out a massive wry grin through his well kept beard, and opens his arms as he laps up the hostile atmosphere before turning towards the X-Tron.


Doc: AC Cobra! Is it too late now?


Doc sarcastically throws up the dog symbol Cobra and Antonio originated for the 6-man tag team match they were in just weeks before, and then turns his attention back to Everrett.


Doc: Let this be a lesson. I hope you’ll be careful next time you choose to pick a fight you can’t win, mate.


Doc drops the mic onto Antonio Everrett’s body with a final, climactic thud, before casually exiting the ring to the continued chorus of boos and jeers, a huge grin on his face.

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