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The Clash - Empress Post Match RP


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Stacy Clark approaches Empress as she makes her way backstage after having a tough fight with Ashley Moore previously for the Women’s Title. Empress grabs a towel and wipes her face off while Stacy is speaking.


Stacy Clark: Empress, What happened out there? You seem to be in control most of the fight but Ashley Moore still came out on top.


Empress: I went out there and gave Ashley Moore-san everything I had. But, She is tough and She deserves that title. So...congrats Ashley. And good luck to the next person who challenges her.


Stacy Clark: If you could have changed anything tonight what would you have done differently?


Empress: Stacy, I let my temper get the best of me…again… and it cost me.


Stacy Clark: So what’s next for you?


Empress looks down at her hands for a moment before taking off her crown headband and setting it on an equipment box.


Empress: Dekimashita.


Stacy Clark: You mind translating that for me?


Empress bows to Stacy Clark who jumps thinking she was about to get attacked. Stacy Clark stares at Empress with a confused look on her face as Empress walks away leaving the headband.

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