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Johnny Millionaire's Holiday Beach Spa and Resort

Antonio Everrett

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The scene opens with a panning shot of the main sign of ‘Millionaire’s Beach Spa and Resort’ except the whole place is in complete disarray. The sign looks almost out of battery, chairs and tables are scattered all over the place, some littered with half-consumed drinks or just general waste strewn about all over the place. The camera follows in to track Johnny Millionaire himself, standing beside Jerome Hamilton and Kareem Franklin. All of them look rather dapper. The three are standing before an assimilated crowd that seem to all be employees of Millionaire’s Beach Spa and Resort.


Johnny: So, as you all know-


A voice cries out ‘No we don’t!’ from the back of the crowd, clearly voicing his dislike of his employer.


Johnny: YOU MOTHE- ahem, as I was saying. I have gathered you all here today to discuss the future of Millionaire’s Beach Spa and Resort. As you might already be aware, business is down, like, in the toilet down. So with that being said, there’s going to be a few changes around here.


This gets the crowd talking


Johnny: I know I haven’t been the best boss at times to you all…


Another voice cries ‘You can say that again!’. Johnny winces as if he was expecting to hear that.


Johnny: Yep. So, with that being said, instead of letting you all voice your grievances now, I’m going to give you all the… give you all the chance to… give you all the chance to opt-out-of-your-contract-now.


The pain in Johnny’s face is obvious, thinking about all that money he’s going to have to pay. Jerome pats him on the back gently in support.


Johnny: That begins now. So, if you want to leave, you can go. Your full contract will be paid out. But, if you stay, know that things are going to be different around here. Annnnnnd, I might just double your pay up for your loyalty.


There is stunned silence for a moment amongst the crowd. Something about Johnny seemed genuine in that statement. Then, a third voice cries out ‘You said you’d double our pay three months ago!’ which reignites the crowd as they all begin to grab their things and leave the establishment.


Johnny, Jerome and Kareem stand in the centre of the frame as people exit one after another, Johnny simply standing there, defeated, with his hands on his hips.


Johnny: There, I did it. Happy now?


Jerome: You did what needed to be done my guy, me and Kareem, we got so many plans for this place, sometimes you just gotta start over.


Kareem: Wait, has everyone left?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


The camera zooms out and the room is now completely empty, the trio are stood in the middle of the room - Fresh Prince of Belair style.


Kareem: Hey, hey, hey, hey, it’s okay, don’t worry about it big man. You got all the money in the world to pay these dudes off! We gonna hire the GREATEST new team that the entire world has EVER seen and we gonna turn this into the best Penthouse you could ever imagine!


Jerome: That’s right baby, and you gonna show everybody who the real Johnny Millionaire is, cuz I know deep deep down you got the power to help some brothers have a good time! Just like we gonna help each other in the ring!


Kareem: And if that ain’’t the truth! Speaking of in ring, haven’t you gotta match tonight? Hey, you go get yourself to the Garden my guy, me and Jerome will start brainstorming some ideas for how we gonna get this place looking F-R-E-S-H!


Johnny: That’s fine I’ll just take my private heli-


The camera pans to a man in a pilot’s uniform leaving the building then back to Johnny.


Johnny: Oh yeah, they left.


Johnny stares daggers at Kareem. The two just smile and shrug.


Johnny:Right, guess I’m goin’ the ollllllld fashioned way.


With that, Johnny adjusts his blazer and begins strutting out of the building, whistling as he walks. The scene fades out as Kareem and Jerome start walking around the empty room, furiously taking notes.

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