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Therapy Session #4


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Therapy Session #4


The camera focuses on the same familiar name on the same door we have seen the past couple weeks.The muffled sounds of yelling can be heard from the opposite side of the door. As the door opens we see Empress and Valkyrie in each others face the sounds of both women yelling at each other filling the room. Dr. Grabb takes off his glasses and rubs his fingers over his eyes in a sign of annoyance.


Dr.Grabb: Okay! Okay... okay..I need you both to calm down Ms. Tanaka and Ms. Stevenson please.


Dr.Grabb: Ms. Tanaka can we talk about what happened on Riot? Did you not do the meditation exercises Ms. Daturas showed you? You seem to have lost control again.


Tanaka: Yes I did. They didn’t work. And She wouldn’t stay down.. She needed to stay down. So I made her stay down. And if Ms...Stevenson! Keeps yelling in my face I’ll put her down too. Why is she even here anyway!?


Stevenson: Good question! I don’t even know why I am here to begin with! I don’t need therapy, I am perfectly fine! This psychopath here.. She needs it more!!!/b


Dr.Grabb: Enough! Ms. Tanaka, Ms. Stevenson seems to be suffering from the same possible levels of rage, stress and anxiety. So I figured since you two are so close maybe we can hit two birds with one stone. So I would like it if you two can get along so maybe we can solve both your problems. Is that okay with you Ms. Stevenson?


Stevenson: Get along? With this… scum? Are you kidding? Do you have the slightest idea of what we’ve been through? She kidnapped my parents, tried to kill me in multiple occasions and don’t even get me started on…


Dr.Grabb: Wait! Wait! Wait! Let’s all calm down and work this out like grown ups.


The scene fades

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