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Danny Watts' Backstage Interview Goes Wrong

Danny Watts

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Turmoil is going full throttle as we cut backstage to a locker room where it is mostly empty except for Danny Watts looming in the background.


Almost seemingly out of nowhere, Jim Black comes into shot and walks over to Danny. When finally reaching him, the camera pans to Danny’s face and he looks confused.


Danny: What is this? I didn’t have any alloted interview time tonight? What do you want Black? Can’t you see I’m kind of busy celebrating my win from last week?

Jim Black: Danny, so last week you beat JackMo with your signature move, The Act of Violence. How does it feel to get back on track from your sort of losing record since the OCW 15th Anniversary Show?


Danny: Back on track you say? No no no no no, you got it all wrong Jim boy. I didn’t get back on track. How could I get back on track if I never was off it?


Danny laughs hysterically as he hits Black in the back, almost making him lose his breath.


Jim Black, panting heavily: Can you….please...elaborate...on..what you...mean?


Danny, smiling obnoxiously: What is there to elaborate on? I simply did not change a thing….


Danny then quickly transitions into a more serious face.

Danny: But one thing has changed it seems...and that is the fans here in OCW…


As Danny starts to begin his next sentence, he opens his mouth and a drop of some sort of sauce falls into his mouth. Danny then looks at Jim Black who shrugs his shoulders in confusion. Danny then starts looking around finally looking up along with the camera. It shows an outline of someone’s face in the shadows which quickly becomes red as you see a bucket of shrimp sauce starting to cover everyone from Danny, Jim Black and even the cameraman.

Once the camera lens is cleaned off, we see Danny who is furious, storm off to go clean himself up in the showers.

The camera cuts back to Jim Black as we hear cracking starting to come from the room. Jim Black who starts looking around, who finally moves out of the way at the second as you hear something completely breaking which then leads to a big thud.


Black seemingly horrified looks around and we see Jackson Montgomery starting to stand up wiping off the rubble on his clothes who then looks at Black.


JackMo: Hi Jim


Jim Black: Hi Jack


The scene ends with both people staring at each other while the screen fades to black.

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