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Therapy Session #7


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The day before Turmoil we approach the oh so familiar door we have seen for the past couple days something seems a bit off. The name Doctor Grabb has poorly scratched off the door and another name Dr. Reginald Phalange, PhD, MD has been written in its place with what looks to be a permanent marker.


As we enter the office we see the armchair that was once used by Dr.Grabb turned to face the window of the office. Empress and Valkyrie firmly pressed against the red couch staring at the back of this chair.


Empress: Um, where is Dr.Grabb?


Valkyrie: Yeah, where is he? Does this mean I don’t need to do this anymore?


Dr.Phalange: Wrong! This means we need to have even more sessions. You see...


Dr.Phalange: Dr. Grabb had a family pet emergency so I am filling in and I have been looking over your files. And Boy you two are screwed up in the head.


Valkyrie: I don’t think you are allowed to say such things to us.


Dr.Phalange: Who’s the doctor here? Me or me? Huh? Exactly… so after reading and re-reading since I can’t read this guy's writing. I have come to the conclusion you two are batshit crazy and the only cure is drugs and plenty of them.


Empress: I don’t think…


Dr.Phalange: I ask you again, who's the doctor here? Doctor knows best.


Valkyrie: Drugs? I don’t like the sound of that…


Dr.Phalange: Sounds like something a narc would say. Are you some kind of Narc Ms. Stevenson?


Valkyrie just stares at the Dr.Phalange kind of dumbfounded for a moment before. Dr. Phalange reaches inside his desk and grabs a small bottle with some white pills inside. He pops one into his mouth then tosses the bottle over Valkyrie and Empress.


Dr. Phalange: Those are a special blind of herbs and spices from Terra..I mean Ms.Daturas. I want you to take one of these anytime you feel stressed..or anytime you feel angry...or just take one everyday. Doctors Orders.


A smile forms on the Doctors face as the door to the Doctors Office closes as the camera fades to black.

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