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Short Interview with Tre Golden before RTG

Tre Golden

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The scene opens to the hardest working woman in show business Stacey Clark, Tre Golden walks up next to her, wearing a sharp blue suit, accented by his shiny OCW Pride Championship perched on his shoulder.


Stacey Clark: Thank you for joining me today Mr. Golden.


Golden: The pleasure is all mine, we haven’t had the chance to speak in a long time, reminds me of my rookie year.


Clark: Mostly good memories….


Tre shifts slightly, undoubtedly uncomfortable with the memory of restraining and shaving Stacey’s head as a member of Ragnarok. Obviously picking up on Tre’s slight shift, with her years of journalism experience reaches out to Tre and touches him on the shoulder opposite of his belt.


Clark: All good now Tre, but let’s get down to why I’ve asked you for this quick interview today… at Road to Glory you will be defending your OCW Pride Championship against three men in the Perfect Circle!


Clark: How do you feel about that?


Tre begins to grin from ear to ear


Golden: I’m absolutely looking forward to it, I want competition, I want to be tested, I want to prove that I am one of the best Wrestlers in the world.


Golden: Legends have completed this task and I want to be included in their ranks someday.


Golden: And the mystery is intriguing, I have no idea who I’m facing.


Golden:It could be The Steve, KD, Malu, Leon, Crossbones, Asher… anyone on the Roster is fair game, past or present.


Golden:No matter what, I plan to come out swinging and to never quit fighting. Through all three legs I will bring it.


Golden: I want the name Golden to live forever.


Golden: Like the two men I respect the most, Drago Cesar and Nate Ortiz, I hope that one day my own resume can compare to theirs.


Clark: Spoken like a true champion. good luck Tre!


Golden: Thank you Stacey, OCW! watch closely… and stay Golden!


Golden exits from the frame, and Stacey turns back to the. Camera smiling as the scene fades to black.

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