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This is a continuation of a story I started months ago, never had time to finish it. Go read “Abandonment and Bad Luck” for context. Btw parts of this section are a bit graphic, so keep that in mind.


Evelyn: What do you want?


Evelyn Parker is secluded in her new escape in Sin City, her peace interrupted by a phone call from her twin brother, Elliot. His voice can be heard but what he’s saying can’t be made out.


Evelyn: Uh-huh...


Elliot continues on, while Evelyn has an annoyed look on her face. But before he can finish...


Evelyn: Yeah, yeah, cut the crap Lio. Whatever this path of “righting your wrongs” and “atonement” is all about, it’s a load of crap.




Evelyn: “But” nothing! You know what you did on that last day. You’re the reason we’re in the state we are. YOU are the reason I’m stuck with this damn EYE!


Evelyn: So save your self-righteous shit for someone who gives a damn. You contact me again, and I’ll make sure your life is as shitty as the eternity I spent in the Underworld!


Evelyn hangs up the phone and immediately turns it off. Evelyn’s partner speaks up from another room.


???: Eve, is everything okay?


Evelyn rolls her eyes as she tosses her phone onto a table.


Evelyn: Yeah, just my P.O.S. brother. I’m coming back there now, you better be ready.


As Evelyn starts walking back, she gets a sharp headache, then out in the doorway to the bedroom


???: Babe? BABE!






Slowly Evelyn’s senses are coming back to her. She cant move...










Pain on a level Evelyn has felt only once before. Pain that wakes her up from her blackout.


She’s reliving that horrible day. 23/9/2016. The day the twins died. She’s finally fully awake. Through the shattered windshield, she believes she sees a nightmare.


There’s a body about 20 feet in front their car, wearing her brother’s favorite jacket. She looks slightly left, and the gaping hole in the remains of the windshield tell her all she needs to know. The pain, both physical and emotional, become too much to bear.


Evelyn’s loud sobbing attracts first responders to their location.


???: Holy shit, we got a live one here!


???: Never guess on triage, jackass!


???: My bad, I just assumed...


A first responder grabs Evelyn’s arm, hanging out of the window, and lights the triage tag on her wrist red.


Its only now that Evelyns looks at her own predicament. She can’t see out of one eye... There’s a metal rod pointing at her head at an unusual angle. She looks down with what little motions she has, and sees 2 more of the same metal rods in her stomach.


???: Ma’am we’re gonna get you outta here, we just need you to stay still!


Evelyn starts to go in and out of consciousness. Jaws of Life cut through the roof with ease. Some sort of saw starts cutting into the rods. Then everything goes foggy. She clears up again, and she’s in a hospital, surrounded by doctors and nurses.


She gathers enough strength to grab a doctor by the jacket. She utters whatever words come to mind.


Evelyn: ...Where’s... my brother?


And then there was nothing.

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