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Xander Gray New-U intro

Hooligan King

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The scene opens in a room in an unknown location with the only lights being what is shining through the windows of street lights outside. A silhouette of a throne can be seen. After a moment a voice can be heard.


Unknown Voice:People, Do not fear what you cannot see for you will see me soon enough as I will not hide from my people, but first I would like to explain a bit about me before the visual reveal. First let’s start with my name, I am Xander Gray and I am The Hooligan King.


Xander:I know what you are thinking, nothing good or heroic comes from a Hooligan or a nutjob who calls himself a king. I can’t tell you how to feel nor do I give a shit all at the same time unless you are with me. My only agenda is to extinguish the false heroes you people worship and shed light on the one true king, ME!


Xander says as a bright green light quickly shines down revealing Xander as he is sitting on a black and green thrown wearing a black and green crown and robe.


Xander:Now that I am here in NEW-U I plan to continue to vanquish my enemies and reign supreme. To those who stand in my way, beware because the Hooligan King is here and he is not a merciful or benevolent king.


The green light slowly dims out as Xander stares with a menacing grin

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