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Xander Gray trains

Hooligan King

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The scene opens with a camera panning from the ceiling of a green lit room to what appears to be a sparring circle. As the camera zooms in you can see that it is Xander Gray and his sparring partner Roan.


They go back and forth for a few minutes before Xander blocks a kick and puts Roan on the floor and places his foot to his throat.


Roan-Alright then, I’d say you got me


He says shakily as he looks up to Xander. After a moment of staring intensely at Roan Xander blinks repeatedly and shakes his head as he quickly removes his foot.


Xander-I’m sorry my friend I got a bit carried away and almost lost my head. I’m just trying to make sure I get and stay ready for these New-U competitors. They are strong and they are skilled and I know I have no easy task ahead of me.


Roan-You aren’t doubting yourself are you?


Xander turns and looks at Roan unamused


Xander-A king never doubts himself, you imbecile. I know I can lose just as many battles as I win while I’m on my way. That’s simply part of it all.


Roan-On your way to what?


He says as he dusts himself off from being on the ground. Xander now with a look of frustration turns to him and says


Xander-Have you not been listening? While I’m on my way to vanquish the false heroes who these sheep they call fans worship, and take my place as the rightful king here.


Roan nods his head but Xander grabs him and hits him with the Impalement then gets down close to his face and whispers


Xander-The Hooligan King.


Xander gets up and grabs a towel and bottle of water and heads out of the room as the scene fades.

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