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OCWFED.COM EXCLUSIVE. Backstage Live. Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Jim Black: Here we are Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Wrestlution in sunny Sin City, where we'll witness a night of history, on a TWO night special! Careers will be made, hopes will be shattered and destinies will be fulfilled!


JB: As you can see way behind me, the production crew is still testing, and setting up the different parts of what will be a Masterpiece of a show.


JB: Few different superstars already made their way to the stadium this afternoon, some still arriving as we are few hours away from the biggest show of the year.


JB: Some Superstars from the FI Ladder matches are already here, as well as the international Powers, El Parca and Everett, who will defend their individual Championships tonight.

JB: Speaking of which, I am here with the Challenger for the International Championship, none other than Satohiko "Aisu" Hitta. Thank you for giving us a bit of your time.


Aisu: My pleasure, Jim. Waw.. look at that stadium. it's already huge while empty, but sold out.. it's gonna be mental.


JB: That's for sure. Feeling any pressure ?


Aisu: Hum, yeah I won't lie, first time on the biggest show, with one my biggest Friend/Rival in this company. It's going to be huge.


JB: So, what is your strategy heading into this match?


Aisu: It's not so much about strategy, I'll do what I do best and that's collecting limbs. The difference this time is, I trained the guy across the ring from me, so he know most of my secrets, as I do his.. But not all my secret.

Aisu: At the end of the day, I thought him the art of loving this ring and respecting it. I thought him to go through immense amount of pain and still coming out on top.


Aisu: But I feel like I am the one who learned the most. All that anger, jealousy, and all the bad things I did.. Didn't help me feel better. I forgot where I came from. I learned how to be human again.


Aisu: And tonight, I am putting it all on display. Tonight, I am paying respect to all my ancestors who paved the way for guys like me to have a chance and topush through this business. Superstars such as Shujin Fire Liger, Omesaka Natsuo and OCW's own Hideo Matsuda.


Aisu: Tonight is our night, and I am eager to show the world why they will never forget that very night.

Aisu: See you later Jim.


JB: Well, seems like a fired up Aisu. Stay tuned for more Backstage exclusives throughout the day, only here on OCWFED.COM.

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