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Evelyn’s Home


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Elsewhere in Las Vegas, during night 1:


Evelyn Parker is sitting at home watching Wrestlelution 14’s Opening Match, choosing the comfort of both her air conditioned home and her partner, River, over the hot sun.


Jake Allen: Reese is down, Parker’s the only man up! This would be an unbelievable turn of events, Angus!


River: You don’t look as happy as you should, Eve.


Evelyn has nothing but disdain in her eyes watching her brother take the briefcase suspended over the ring.


Angus McGuillicutty: Elliot Parker, the underdog, he’s got the briefcase! I can’t believe it!


Evelyn: Why should I be happy? The guy that forgot about his own sister on the rise to the top got lucky. How many times has he proved himself in the ring this season?


River: Uhh, Eve, you haven’t ...


Evelyn: It’s just such utter bullshit, man! What, is it because I’m not leeching off big names like B17 or Ashley Moore? Maybe it’s because I’m not some poster child like Valkyrie?


River: Yeah you got a point, but still...


Evelyn: ...I know what you’re gonna say... and you know what? Im gonna change that.


Parker gets off her couch, and walks to one of the spare rooms.


River: Eve? What are you doing?


Silence from Evelyn, but noises what sounds like rummaging through clothes start up.


After a few minutes, Evelyn walks out with a packed gym bag.


Evelyn: Babe, I’ll be back in a few.


River: Where ya going?


Evelyn: What does it look like? Im heading to the gym.


River: Well if you’re going, you’re gonna need a training partner, right?


Evelyn: I guess so...


River heads to the back for a much shorter time, and comes back with a case of her own.


Evelyn: That was fast.


River: You really think I stay cooped up in the house when I’m not at the shop? You know, you miss out on quite a lot of stuff when you’re on tour.


River: Oh, hush, let’s get a move on already.


River: Let’s!


River pauses for a moment.


River: Alexa, Record the rest of Wrestlelution 14: Prime for me.


The small device next to the TV lights up.


Alexa: I can do that for you.


River: Awesome, not missing out on the rest of this show.


With that, the couple heads to their local gym, while the next match is getting ready to begin.

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