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The Day after Turmoil 251

Maxx Edwards

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The scene fades in with the camera staring at a golden nameplate with the words “Maxx Edwards - Founder” imprinted on it. After a pan, we see Maxx staring through a floor to ceiling window looking over at Maxx Edwards Talent Agency’s beautiful view of the City of Angels, Los Angeles.


Maxx is promptly interrupted by a knocking at his door which he immediately attends to and answers.


Maxx: Oh! Dan! I was told you wanted to speak with me. Come in.


At the door is Daniel Egonov, Director of Marketing, who enters the room and sits with Maxx, opposite of his desk. Maxx’s assistant, Tracy, follows behind Dan and joins the two in a chair to the side.


Dan: How was the flight this morning?


Maxx: Not bad actually, allowed me to uh...clear my head, which felt nice after recent events.


Dan: Well, I see no point in beating to the bush so I’m going to go right to the chase.


Dan leaps out of his seat and starts gesturing as he starts talking with very exaggerated movements.


Dan: As the two of you know, Maxx, it has been a little over a year, since you made the switch over to the Pro Wrestling world.


Maxx: Okay…


Dan: And while the team here did not think it made the most financial sense, you cited it as an “Aspiration” of yours and that it would pay off “Eventually”. Well, the team here has now been able to put together a full “12 Month Report” of how everything has been since you signed with OCWFED.


Maxx: Oh boy…put me down nicely.


Dan: Here, I’ll start with the good news. Looking over at our finances, while we have fallen behind expectations set before the change, we are fully operational. On top of that, we do plan to stay fully operational moving forward. The wrestling world has brought you some new sponsors, and we have fully taken advantage of our cut. On top of that, working with

Archer did pay out.


Maxx: So what’s the issue?


Dan: Well, in many other aspects we have become very stagnant.


Dan places two very similar looking line charts on the table.


Dan: As you can see here, the buzz surrounding your change to pro wrestling did cause an initial uproar.


Dan puts a hand next to his mouth as if he doesn’t want the nonexistent extra people in the room to hear it


Dan: And the holiday season didn’t hurt either…


Dan: But overall, we have not sustained much growth and in terms of merch sales we are actually behind where we were last year.


Maxx: WOW! So how would I go about solving these issues?


Dan: Glad you asked! First we have to identify the sole cause of these problems. Your hardcore fans have actually stuck by you largely throughout all this.


Dan walks over to a nearby shelf and picks up a pair of Star Shades.


Dan: And your new merch drop caused a spike in sales.


Dan: However, once you get a jacket and a pair shades, you stop buying.


Dan: That’s why we need to pull in new fans and that hasn’t gone so well.


Dan: Overall, the core wrestling fan base has rejected you. They see you as some smug outsider who sees their community as a business opportunity.


Dan: And when you keep losing matches...you’re not exactly winning them over.


Maxx becomes deflated after hearing the dig from his own employee.


Dan: You either got to tap into a new audience, or get better in the ring.


Maxx stands and looks out the window to gather his thoughts.


Maxx: Welp, guess I gotta hit the PC while we think about the other option. You know, they never said it was gonna be easy.


Maxx: Success is always at the top of the wave but you gotta keep working hard to stay afloat.


Dan looks at Maxx in admiration.


Dan: Can I put that on a shirt?


Maxx: Don’t put that on a shirt.


Dan: A boogie board?


Maxx: Drop it.


Dan: Ok.


Tracy: Well, since you weren’t booked to compete on Consequence, I guess your training can begin next week. I will plan your session accordingly.


Dan and Tracy both exit the room, leaving Maxx to ponder.

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