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Maxx Edwards Visits the Combat Center

Maxx Edwards

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We join Maxx Edwards in front of the Combat Center ahead of his scheduled training session.


Maxx: I guess this is the place.


Maxx enters the center and approaches the front desk woman.


Maxx: I have an appointment here at 1:30.


The lady checks the outdated computer screen for all appointments made under the time slot.


Receptionist: Maxx Edwards?


Maxx: In the living flesh!


Maxx flashes a smile only to be met by an emotionless blank stare.


Receptionist: Alright, your trainer will be right with you.


The lady turns to face a back room before beginning to screech.


Receptionist: TOM...GET OUT HERE!


A heavy-setted fellow exits the door.

Maxx: Archer!?


Archer: Edwards!?


Maxx & Archer together: What are you doing here?


Maxx: I’m here to work on my in-ring abilities.


Archer: I’m here to work.


Maxx shoots Archer a puzzled look.


Archer: I’m waiting on this Lution refund debacle being rectified, so I am working here and… Somewhere else… In the mean time.


Edwards blinks.


Archer: Now get in the ring and show me some up and overs.


Edwards blinks as Archer looks at his watch.


Archer: This is your time you’re wasting, not mine.


Edwards rolls into the ring, Archer follows and backs him into a corner, Edwards looks confused and receives a shoulder to the midriff for his efforts. Archer straightens him up.


Archer: Counter me with an up and over.


Archer whips Edwards towards the corner and follows slightly afterwards. The nimble man hops upwards, performing a half-handstand on the ropes and springs backwards over Archer’s head. He runs off and rebounds from the ropes, avoiding an Archer clothesline for his troubles but in the way back eats a drop kick to the legs. He flips over and clutches at his left knee.


Archer: You should always be ready, much like Bitch Coward should be ready for my return to take his International title.


Edwards gets up, slapping his knee to get the circulation back into it.


Edwards: What's stopping you going back right this minute?


Archer: I have my students, you, Elijah… Plus Maximus is taking longer than expected to adjust to the ma… The magnitude of what happened against Doc.


Edwards appears suspicious and goes to voice his opinion but receives a kick to the gut and Archer re-runs the drill, this time though he avoids the low-drop kick by performing a diving roll. Archer gets up and takes a much higher drop kick for this effort, just barely getting a hand up to sponge the damage a little. He takes a bump and rolls out under the bottom rope, heading straight towards the water fountain.


Archer: And break for now!

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