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Trip to the doctor (Post night 1)


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A few hours prior...


Doc: And.. We’re done.


Wrex: About damn time.


We pan into the side room of a clinic in Philadelphia where Wrex seems to be getting a checkup, the safest match in human history just a good few hours before.


Wrex: So, what’s the damage?


The doc looks up from his clipboard then right back down, as if he's trying to find any slither of good possible news to give him.. there's none.


Doc: Mr. Ross.. it’s pretty bad.


Wrex: I could have told you that! Hell am I paying you for?


Doc: Sir, on top of the.. massive laundry list of sprains, tears and breaks you brought me, I think your.. recent escapades have.. obviously made things worse. The fact you walked in here on your own, under your own weight is honestly a miracle.


Wrex: That a fat joke doc? Cause I’m pretty fuckin healthy compared to some of the people I saw coming into tow-


Doc: -What I’m saying! Mr. Ross.. and forgive my language, your bad knee.. is fucked, your good knee.. is fucked, your shoulder.. is especially fucked, a hair's breadth (and a bad landing) away from needing some serious surgery. Your elbow too.


Doc: You, Mr. Ross. Are nowhere near healthy enough for me to even let you walk out of this place, never mind letting you step back into a ring. So unless you’ve got a good, and I mean a real damn good reason for me to even remotely clear you.


Doc: I’m letting the company know that you are no longer to compete. Effective immediately.


The room goes quiet. Just the outside sounds of the clinic, and the sound of Wrex’s breathing becoming erratic.


Wrex: Y-yeah.. I.. I got something big, company shattering.. so… hold off on that notice for.. just another.. Just another month...


The doctor simply sighs as he writes something down on the board he was carrying.


Doc: ..Alright, I highly advise against it.. but I’ve had enough of your people come through here to know that once there’s money on the table. Your boss won’t let it go, I’ll hold off for now. But let me clear.. I’m going to be keeping an eye on this, and if I don't see anything, I will send the notice. Have a good day Mr. Ross.


Wrex: You.. you too.


The doctor leaves the room, leaving Wrex alone to ponder on what to do now.


Wrex: …..Fuck.

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