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IceMan: Morning after

Nate Mac

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Nate Mac is lying in bed just covered by a sheet, the waitress long gone, Nate receives A call from the number he called the day before.


Nate Mac: What’s up Big Man, how you doin this fine Morning? You know me I can’t call it, Oh her, you know how the Iceman works brother, she had the ticket to ride the IceMan Express and dare I say she may have fallen in love with the icicle. Had to damn near spartan kick her in the ass just to leave. Imma just have to give em the tip of the iceberg from now on. Hahahahaha


Nate Mac Uh huh. Yeah? Oh hell naw. See, no one ever listens to the Iceman. Hold up, say that again. Alright, now that Pisses me off, and I know I don’t gotta tell you what that means. Imma shower then head over, let’s discuss some options, I’ll be there In about 45 minutes. Alrighty big bro, imma get ready.


Iceman hangs up the phone, then says to himself I told him that dude wasn’t Wolf Material and I would come help, but noooooo, wanna give the guy a shot, well he aimed at the moon and missed big time yeah.” Mac turns shower to his desired temperature and washes the sweat, lust and booze from last nights sexcapade off his body.


Dressed and ready Mac walks to his motorcycle, starts it and heads to an unknown location to meet an unknown person to viewers and OCW executives and the eyes and ears of back stabbing locker room snitches and politics.

Edited by Nate Mac
Incomplete submitted before donezo
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