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IceMan Nate Mac Morning After Riot

Nate Mac

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Nate Mac lays in bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about last night’s match, where he went wrong, what mistakes he made in his debut, obviously a little shook from the loss. A Woman wrapped in a bath towel comes out and tries to snuggle up with The IceMan.


Woman: Damn Sexy, last night was amazing. I thought you were gonna be too sore but it ends up I’m the one barely able to walk this morning.


Nate Mac stares at her for a moment, then caresses her cheek intimately.


Nate Mac I know I’m amazing. But you gotta go now. Get off me, you’re fuckin up my vibe, ya dig and The IceMan is done with you. You may go now.


The unknown woman drops her jaw, and lets out what may only be described as a deflating snort, she quickly grabs her clothes and dresses then runs out of the room embarrassed and crying.


Mac goes to the fridge and opens the freezer, grabs an ice pack from inside the freezer then lays back down placing the ice pack on his ribs, grabbing his phone and dials.


Mac Hey Big Dog, whAts good? You wanna know what’s not good? My ribs dick. Haha. I was just calling makin sure you’re good. Hit me back.


Mac hangs up and goes back to staring at the ceiling while icing his ribs.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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