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EndGames Day.


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Hotel Palomar Phoenix CityScape.



The most luxurious room, with it's view off the all Phoenix landscape is occupied by 2 familiar figures.


A very expensive bottle of Bordeaux is placed on a glass table. The sun reflecting on the OCW Championship nearby.


Rust Cohle is looking at the view.


Rust: Well, tonight is once again the night. They will regret this decision. Whoever thought it was a good idea to attack me from behind, will regret this.


Rust: We ain't got nothing to prove to these self centered people. Tony ain't got nothing to prove to this poor excuse of a legend.

Harvey Ocean will pay with his career. He shouldn't have accepted the stipulation.


Rust: But most importantly.. Both Mr.Riot and Mr.Turmoil fall tonight. At our hands.


He turns his smiling face to the left to reveal none other than the Franchize, standing next to him.


Nate: I could have put it better myself Frenchize.


Nate tips his glass of whiskey to the OCW Champion.


Nate: You know it’s funny how despite what we’ve done the common OCW still doubts us. Like you were not the key behind the greatest tag team run in OCW history. Or this company wasn’t built on my back.


Nate: We give these people a service everytime we step into the ring. We let them believe that they too can become great.


Nate: I almost feel bad because great is a word tossed around far too often. In reality 1/10th of 1 percent of the people might actually become great.


Nate: Even then we will sit at the head of the table and at End Games no less. Do you know what I’ve done at Eng Games in the past Frenchize?


Nate: I’ve one the OCW Championship on multiple occasions. Putting down everyone’s next big thing year after year.


Rust looks at Nate with a squint.


Nate: Now you will put a stamp to the end of Harvey boys sham of a run.


Rust’s eyes relax as a sly smirk comes across his face.


Rust: And tonight, the nickname Mr.Turmoil will belong to the only true Greatest Of All Time. The Franchize. The one and only. Dominion's own, Nate Ortiz.


The camera fades as Rust and Nate lift their glass up with the city skyline in the background.

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