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Basic Math


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Ryu Matsumoto is sitting back in the TTT Dojo as students are practicing around him. The camera approaches him


Camera-man: Hey Spider, word on the street is H2O has been calling you out, said you were ducking him.


Spider stares blankly into the camera for a moment


RYU: That’s no problem.


RYU: Harvey challenged me to a match?


RYU: You challenged me, I accept your challenge, stupid.


Background Voice: That was the lousiest kick I’ve seen in my gah’ damn life. You look like Harvey Ocean over here.


The camera pans to see the voice. Dressed in a pair of sweatpants, wearing 2 black-belts on top of each other, is Ijitu Quartz.


He slaps one of the TTT Dojo students and they fall to the ground. He shakes his heads, tightens the two belts and walks over to Spider.


RYU: You see, we here at the Dojo train only top tier level fighters.


RYU: and you, Harvey. You never trained here.


Quartz: That’s because nobody with any sense would ever let him into their establishment. I heard he doesn’t bathe.


RYU: You heard that?


Quartz: I heard that!


Quartz: For him to challenge you? That’s what his Canadian ilk would call “a huge mistake”.


RYU: What a coincidence! That’s what they’d call it in Osaka too.


Quartz: That’s because Harvey Ocean is a joke WORLDWIDE, SPIDER.


Quartz hears something behind him and turns to see what the issue is. A student seems to have injured his ankle and is holding it, balancing himself against a nearby wall.


Quartz: HEY! Are you faking another injury, Kyle?! Is this the Solomon Caine Dojo or the TTT Dojo!?


Quartz shakes his head.


Quartz: I’ll handle this, Spider.


He stomps off, tightening the two black belts once again as Ryu nods in approval and looks back to the camera-man.


RYU: Harvey, me beating you isn’t brain surgery, it's not rocket science, hell it's not even algebra.


RYU: It’s basic math.


RYU: One plus one equals two, the sky is blue, cows go moo, Ryu vs H2O I’m gunna win.



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