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We won, Mr. Millionaire

Antonio Everrett

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It’s a lively night at the M********** B******’s Beach Spa and Resort, many former and current OCW stars have gathered to celebrate the offseason, or drink away the season 15 blues, depending on who you look at funny for long enough. One table however is not as lively as the rest. A dishevelled Millionaire Brigade sit around a table in the outskirts of the resort, still wallowing in pity after their loss during the final Turmoil of the season.


Johnny: We blew it, Jerome. All of this, slipping through our fingers again. We’re never gonna get this place back if we keep going like this!


Johnny angrily takes a sip from a giant curly straw, Jerome leans forward and tries to calm him down.


Jerome: Ey, ey, ey. Don’t worry about it big fella, it’s only a matter of time, I promise you. 20 minutes in that kind of match ain’t nothin’ to mess with! That match was so unpredictable, we could run it back tomorrow and could last 25-


Johnny: It ain’t that simple, J! We don’t just get to run it back. It’s hopeless, hopeless I say-




At this moment, Kareem Franklin bursts into frame and hastily takes a seat at the table.


Johnny: God dangit Kareem, you just interrupted my-




Kareem pulls a folder from out of a bag and places it on the table. Johnny starts reading through it, his grin getting wider and wider as he continues.


Kareem: After Archer took over the place following his shady pyramid scheme, I was adamant that Johnny still owned the rights to the name of the place after you changed it! But guess what, the court didn’t believe me, man! They told me the Millionaire Brigade didn’t exist, man! I was hurt! But then, somebody must have seen the tag match and now nobody can forget our damn name!


Jerome: So that means that whoever owns this place has been using our likeness for their profit without our permission!


Kareem: Correct, so I tried to SUE ‘EM FOR EVERYTHING THEIR WORTH! But guess what, Archer is too busy with his Pride Championship tour and his bad eating habits. So instead of a long and drawn out legal battle, he just handed over the place without a fight!


Johnny: So that means-


Kareem: That means we won, Mr. Millionaire! All I need you to do is sign right there and this place will be put back into your name!


Johnny’s eyes light up as Kareem points to the bottom corner of the last paper. He takes a pen out from his lapel and signs without hesitation.


Johnny: We won! Kareem, I’d kiss you if my wife... ex-wife and I weren’t going through a tricky separation period!


Jerome: I’m not sure how that’s relevan-


Johnny: Shut up Jerome! It’s time to party! Waiter, get me another one of these curly straws please, it’s going down tonight!


Waiter: Sir you don’t own this place anymore-


Johnny holds up the paper.


Johnny: Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong, buster!


Johnny dances off and disappears into a sea of bodies. Leaving Jerome and Kareem at the table.


Jerome: What a season it’s been, ey! Nice job Kareem, you got your own way of doin’ business, but you the most reliable man I done ever known!


Kareem: Hey man, I know what this place means to Johnny, hell, to us! This is our new home! You know I wouldn’t stop at nothin’ to get this place back!


Jerome: I love you brother….


Jerome and Kareem together: PAUSE.


The two share a laugh and drink as the camera pans up into the night sky and away.

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